Nick's 'Bachelor' Season Has A Blast From The Past

Rick Rowell/ABC

It's about to get real on The Bachelor — previews for an upcoming episode show a familiar face visiting Nick in his hotel room on the show. Who returns on Nick's Bachelor season? I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman comes back to give some advice to her old love.

Andi Dorfman has kept mostly out of the spotlight since she was on The Bachelorette, but bringing her back to give Nick Viall a pep talk would be such a great narrative for the show. Andi broke Nick's heart on national television, drama ensued, and then Nick and Andi had a pretty strained relationship — especially after she included him in her tell-all book. They met for a moment on Jimmy Kimmel's show before Nick's season of The Bachelor, and the tension was palpable. So, wouldn't it be nice if these two former lovers could kiss (only metaphorically) and make nice in the name of true love? Andi chose Josh Murray over Nick on her season, and since that couple didn't last that long, she could definitely give some advice on how not to choose a mate on The Bachelor/ette. Or, she could just help him see that just because it didn't work out with her (or Kaitlyn) doesn't mean it won't ever work out.

I suppose it could be Kristina, or someone else from Nick's season who returns. Kristina did seem to think Nick didn't give her a fair shot. But, I think it would be more dramatic if it were the former Bachelorette. If Nick and Andi could get along after that whole debacle, anyone on The Bachelor can get along. Maybe even Alex and Chad! Or Kelsey and Ashley I. Andi returning to Nick's season of The Bachelor would bring back a familiar and much-loved face to the franchise, and it would make Nick slightly uncomfortable, too, and that's just good television.