Here's What Competing Nations Will Wear For The 2018 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Ralph Lauren

There's so much to look forward to when it comes to the Winter Olympics — the suspense-filled figure skating, the gravity defying ski jumping, the exciting bobsledding. It's going to be full of drama and anticipation, but while the athleticism is the main draw, there's another factor pulling people to watch the competitions, and that's the fashion. The Opening Ceremony is airing Feb. 9, and the world will come together in PyeongChang, South Korea to compete against each other for the gold —and what each team wears for the Ceremony is important. Which is why it's so interesting to see who designed the 2018 Olympic Opening Ceremony outfits, because each designer is tasked with figuring out how best to represent the country through its team's clothes.

It's not an easy feat capturing the essence of a nation, especially when your main outlet is winter sports wear. Some countries embraced the bulky parkas and clunky winter boots, incorporating their flag colors or nation's symbols into the looks. Others decided to skip the activewear and instead wear suits, capturing their dignified natures. To give you an idea what to expect, ahead are nine countries' opening ceremony outfits and who designed them. It will be amazing to see all of them together.

Team USA

Ralph Lauren

Team USA is going to look like they stepped right out of a Ralph Lauren ski lodge ad when they march in the Olympic ceremony, which makes sense since the designer is in charge of the uniforms. Calling upon accents that he's most known for, the outfits are going to incorporate designer, cozy-chic elements. Rocking suede, fringed gloves, patchwork denim, camel winter boots with red laces, and Icelandic-print knit sweaters and hats in red, white, and blue, we're not only going to look like we're ready to win gold, but like we're also ready for a cup of hot chocolate.

Team France


Lacoste is in charge of bringing high fashion and sports together for the French team, and they did it beautifully with all-white outfits accented with red and blue piping. Featuring slick white pants and impeccably tailored puffer jackets, the uniforms look like something straight off of a runway.

Team Australia

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Australia is skipping the winter-inspired looks and instead is going more formal with blazers and checkered button down shirts. They have enlisted the help of Total Image Group, who chose the uniforms by zeroing on the three main adjectives that best describe the Australian team: Confident, modern and fresh.

Team Germany


Team Germany enlisted the help of Adidas to create their sporty outfits, which look so cool they just might inspire your next athleisure look. Featuring earth tones like greens, blues, and golds (wear the color, win the medal, right?) the uniforms feature parkas, neoprene sweatshirts, and Adidas track pants.

Team Canada

Canadian department store Hudson Bay is taking care of the opening ceremony uniforms, drawing inspiration from the country's flag and decking out the athletes in red, white, and black.

Team Russia

Ivan Sekretarev/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Following doping allegations, Russia was originally banned from competing in the Olympics this year in South Korea. But right before the Opening the International Olympic Committee has reversed lifetime suspensions on a few athletes, and those without any doping history are allowed to participate as neutrals. Those that will be competing will be outfitted by Russian label ZASPORT, but part of the stipulation for allowing some of the athletes to go was that they couldn't compete under their own flag — and their outfits had to reflect that. The designer wasn't allowed to symbolize Russia in any way, and they could use minimal colors. The outcome was a minimalist, sporty-chic look.

Team Great Britain

The Great Britain team will be provided uniforms by Simon Jersey, and seeing how Britain is so well known for its suits and impeccable tailoring, it's not shocking that the team is marching down in blazers and pleated pants. Their uniforms are going to be navy suits, where the women wear red blouses and the men wear red ties to bring out the colors of their flag.

Team Finland


Finland is going a traditional winter-sports route and wearing blue and white snow-proof uniforms consisting of parkas and chic hoodies created by Icepeak.

Team Norway

Team Norway is going to stand out during the Opening thanks to their explosive uniforms. They decided to go the suit route, but with a twist. Featuring red, white, and blue colors fashioned into sharp icicles exploding all over their uniforms, they have one of the most eye catching looks, and it's created by brand Loudmouth Golf.

Make sure to tune in this week to catch the rest of the amazing uniforms!