These Are The 37 People Selena Gomez Still Follows On Instagram (And Bieber Isn't One Of Them)

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When you are, Selena Gomez, the most followed celebrity on Instagram for two years running, it's clear you have a lot of followers, but who exactly does Selena Gomez follow on Instagram? The truth is, not a whole lot of people. This is new, however. Two days ago, Gomez started unfollowing a lot of people on IG. She used to follow 300 accounts and now she only follows 37, which makes those people who made the cut very interesting and at times, very surprising.

But, what's really interesting is who Gomez doesn't follow. Despite being her rumored boyfriend, Gomez still doesn't follow Justin Bieber on IG or her mom Mandy Teefaye, whose photo is now Gomez's IG icon. She also unfollowed fellow pop stars Camila Cabello and Demi Lovato, not to mention all of the 13 Reasons Why cast, her assistant Therese Mingus, and Taylor Swift bestie Gigi Hadid.

While some might claim bad blood between Gomez and those she unfollowed, the sudden IG purge might be a sign of something good, like new music. After all, right before Swift dropped her new album Reputation, she deleted every photo from her Instagram. Perhaps, Gomez sudden Insta move is also a sign that something big is coming.

Or, if you believe Cosmopolitan, it could just be that Gomez doesn't have access to her IG password and this is all a big mistake. Huge. Whatever the reason, it's worth taking a closer look at some of the more interesting accounts Gomez still follows.

Taylor Swift

The besties are still IG official even after Gomez deleted most of her followers. It makes sense being that only last month Gomez was wishing Swift a happy birthday with an Instagram message that had her telling the world: "I wish some knew how big your heart actually is.. it’s fierce, bold and freaking wild with light. I’m glad you protect that."

Amy Schumer

Now, this may seem like a surprise to see Amy Schumer on this list, but don't forget that the two shared a laugh on Inside Amy Schumer back in 2016. Gomez stopped by to let Schumer mock her in a skit called "Down To Earth." The joke being, they totally aren't. What they are, though, is Instagram followers.

Jessica Alba

The two share a friend in designer Diane Von Furstenberg, even taking a selfie at the Met Gala in 2014. But, let's not forget that Alba is more than an actress, she's an entrepreneur as the founder of The Honest Company. Perhaps, Gomez is looking to start an empire of her own? Surely, Alba's IG could be of help, right?


She can't bite the hand that feeds, right?

Her Own Tour
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As part of her Revival tour she started an Instagram account that took fans behind the scenes. It seems Gomez also wants to keep an eye on what the account posted.

Julia Michaels

This songwriter is up for Best New Artist at the 2018 Grammys, thanks to her single "Issues," a song that Gomez plugged on her IG. Not just because it's so good, but because Michaels has collaborated with Gomez before, writing most of the songs on Revival including "Hands To Myself." Knowing that she's following her still also likely means the two could be working together again on some new music that they'll hopefully tease on Instagram very, very soon.

Francia Raisa

Her bestie, who donated Gomez her kidney this summer, is one that Gomez wants to keep an eye on.

Stuart Vevers

It's really no surprise she'd still follow Vevers, the creative director at Coach. Gomez is a Coach model and Vevers has gone as far to call her the "Coach girl." And Vevers Insta is full of Gomez photos, including a shot of her wearing a "We Are All Dreamers" shirt while shooting the latest Coach campaign, with the caption "Thank you Selena."

Kate Young

Gomez is still following her stylist, which is a smart choice. You don't want to upset anyone in your glam squad.


From the name, you may have assumed this was some sort of porn bot, but no it's just a fan IG that posts photos of Gomez. It's a mix of personal photos Gomez posts on her own account and glossy magazine shots. No surprise, some are on the sexier side, but what would you expect from an account that describes itself as "got a good thing goin’ with a bad b*tch."

In fact, a large number of the accounts Gomez now follows are fan IGs — 10, to be exact including @disneylandgomez, which is not just photos of Selena at Disneyland, sorry. So what does this all mean? Well, it could mean new music being that she's already teased 2018 is going to be a big year for her. She told BBC's The Radio 1 Breakfast back in December that "There is no 'might,' there is an album, "and that she "poured my heart into my music and I wanted it to be fresh." So fresh, that she also said "my inspiration for this next record is in full motion, and it will be very soon."

Fans will still have to wait, though, hopefully, it won't be too long. In the meantime, some Gomez fans can just use that time to figure out why she's watching them on IG.