Who Is Andre Working For On 'Empire'? He's Playing Both Sides Between Cookie & Lucious

I know that Andre has been trying to kill his father for like, four seasons on Empire, but we’re just one episode away from the Season 3 finale, and I’m not sure what Andre’s game is right now. Who is Andre working for on Empire? He had all of these plans to eliminate Lucious from the game, but now it seems like Daddy’s boy is drifting back to the dark side.

Andre has been going rogue since just about the time that Rhonda died, and I can’t blame him. His family, especially Lucious, is uh, zero percent supportive of him sometimes, and he’s had enough. Now we have scary Andre, who sleeps with everyone, fancies himself a gangster, and tries to get into fights with Xzibit. It’s not a good look, no matter how you slice it. But on the May 17 episode of Empire, Andre seems like he's playing on Cookie’s side — that is, helping her ruin Juliana and Lucious’ chance of building a Las Vegas venue without Cookie — but he lost me somewhere in the middle. Not only does Andre tip off the gaming commissioner (played by Eva Longoria) that news about Juliana would be coming to her desk, but he also is working with her to bring down Lucious? Maybe? I think Andre is confused about where he’s at, which is good, because so am I.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

My heart wants me to think that Andre is leaning toward #TeamCookie, because I will vote Cookie for anything. Mayor. Dogcatcher. President. Whatever. What I really believe, though, is that Andre is playing both sides against the middle and will ultimately end up doing his own thing — killing Lucious in the process. He wants the satisfaction of taking down his dad all to himself, which, I mean, I like to take credit for things, but sabotage is a team sport, Andre. Come on. He can’t work with Shine, he doesn’t want to work with Cookie, and he’s as unpredictable as me without caffeine, so I’m going to guess that Andre is on #TeamAndre and will be manning his own ship on Empire.