The 1975's Label Mate Beabadoobee Is A Spotify Superstar Serving A 2019 Mood

by Emma Madden

On the whole, music today just sounds softer, kinder, and maybe a little sadder than it has in a while. That's especially when you consider the stress inducing sounds of Skrillex and his EDM peers, whose very loud and in your face music was the ultimate music trend only a few years ago. Now, the sleepy sounds of singers like Billie Eilish, and the wave of Soundcloud mumble rappers have taken its place. Music in 2019 will continue with this, I reckon, with artists like Beabadoobee, the gentle singer who'll make your year in music even cosier.

The singer, real name Bea Kristi, is based in London, according to her Spotify bio, and the fact that she's Dirty Hit's latest signee — the record company that's home to the likes of The 1975 and Pale Waves — as Global Nation reported on Aug. 27, 2018, should give you some indication into her sound. Like those bands, Beabadoobee's music takes you into a dream world, but her indie inflections give her a certain edge over her poppier peers.

The singer dropped her first EP, the acoustic guitar based "Patched Up" on Dec. 7, 2018 as Dork reported, which has already racked up hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams.

On the day of its release, DIY magazine described the EP as "Seven tracks of hushed, gorgeous folk," and compared it to the late, great Elliott Smith. According to her interview with Global Nation from August of last year, Beabadoobee was first discovered when one her original song "Coffee" went viral on YouTube. Uploaded to her channel in September 2017, the since deleted video reportedly went onto inspire numerous covers, and has since racked up well over three million Spotify streams.

She told Global Nation that the song " was inspired by her boyfriend," and the first she ever wrote on guitar. Now, she'd like new listeners to "think of my music as fun, as a take on childhood and youth and never growing up," she told the paper. While her music's inspired by lo-fi artists like Alex G, Beabadoobee is also inspired by the Filipina music from her childhood. She told Noisey on Dec. 14, 2018 that her sound is "lowkey similar" to “some of my mum’s OPM music — which is old Filipino music.”

She also told the site that she's already working on the follow up to "Patched Up," with plans to "continuously release, release, release. And after that hopefully [an] album or something." You can stay up to date with Beabadobee and her releases by following her on her Instagram, where she's already got 123,000 followers, and stay in the loop with her Twitter, too.

She's already got several names backing her this year, including NME who've called her one of their essential artists for 2019, and now you have my own personal assurance — this lady is really, really great, and you should catch onto Beabadoobee before she gets seriously huge. This year will belong to the sleepy, soft ones. Sweet dreams.