Chester Bennington Is Survived By A Large Family

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Suicide is a terrible tragedy, of course — not only for the ones we lose, but also for their loved ones. On July 20, TMZ reported that Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington was found dead at age 41 after an apparent suicide. His wife Talinda Ann Bentley and several children survive the singer. Bustle reached out to a rep for Linkin Park and the LAPD for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.

Bentley is a former Playboy model, according to the Daily Mail. She and Bennington lived together in Arizona with their three children. (The singer also has two children from previous relationships as well as an adopted son.) In 2005 Bennington divorced his first wife, fellow singer Samantha Marie Olit, after nine years of marriage. According to the International Business Times, he and Bentley were targeted by a cyberstalker who was upset about their coupling in the early years of their marriage — an issue that was resolved by the authorities.

Bentley posted frequently on social media about Bennington and their family, even tagging her husband in pictures of their dogs as a way to keep him updated while on tour. She also recently took to Twitter to defend the family and memory of Chris Cornell, who died earlier this year, from unkind and intrusive Tweets. Cornell was a friend of the family, and I personally can't imagine what it's like for her to go through this grieving process again, and so soon after the Soundgarden singer's death.

Bennington's wife has yet to make a statement about her husband's death, which is certainly understandable in this shocking and hurtful time. Condolences to Bentley and the rest of Bennington's family.