Here's How Hap's Friend Elodie Could Be Connected To Prairie On 'The OA'


Spoilers ahead for The OA Season 2. Hap may have thought he discovered inter-dimensional travel on The OA, but Season 2 introduces a seasoned jumper with a mysterious mission. Initially, Elodie on The OA seems like a knowledgeable traveler just passing through, but after her conversation with Prairie, it seems like she might play a larger role in the multiverse. "You know," she insists when Prairie asks who she is.

Hap meets Elodie in Season 2, Episode 4 and she instantly reveals herself to be a fellow inter-dimensional traveler. They bond over their tinnitus, a side effect from jumping, but when Hap grills her about how she controls her trips from one dimension to another, she's not really all that helpful. Being "too cryptic" for a character on The OA, a remarkably cryptic show, is really something.

Elodie also has robots who can do the movements and send her to different dimensions whenever she pleases. Turns out Hap has them too (or reverse-engineered some) in a garden, but Elodie's are travel-sized. It kind of seems like Elodie jumps often, and for fun, even if that means leaving dopplegangers passed out in her wake every now and then. At least she calls an ambulance before jumping.


In Episode 7, Prairie/OA meets Elodie when she returns to Syzygy and tries to learn more about Nina in this dimension. Elodie identifies OA as "the one Dr. Percy loves" and says that OA should think of her as "an advisor, a guide, a resource, and a messenger." She also says that OA knows who she is. Have they met before, in another dimension? It sure seems like it.

Elodie tells Prairie that she should not suppress Nina's consciousness, and should let all of her dimensional selves integrate in one body. Elodie also says that Prairie will never be able to escape Hap, because the bond between them exists in too many dimensions. "When people meet," Elodie says, "and the story between them is strong, it echoes in nearby dimensions. Events will conspire to bring these people together." Not only does that explain why Hap, Homer, and Prairie are so connected, it also explains why Michelle in one dimension sought out Nina — because Prairie and Buck were connecting in a neighboring dimension.

But who is this wise traveler? How did she become so experienced at this, and why does she care about this particular "constellation" of people? Is she Nina's birth mother? In Season 1, we learned that she died giving birth to Nina... but maybe that didn't happen in all the dimensions. While a secret parent reveal is way more Star Wars than The OA, it could explain Prairie's destiny.

She also represents a third approach to the study of inter-dimensional travel. Hap wants to push the boundaries of science, Prairie is interested in the faith-based and spiritual elements, and Elodie is merely curious about the human condition.

On the other hand, Elodie could also be connected the the octopus, the tree, or the medium who built the house on Nob Hill. There are many ways that Elodie could be a part of this overall plot. If and when The OA returns for Season 3, hopefully we'll find out more about this fascinating character.