Who Is Harry Styles' "Sweet Creature" About? The Clues Are All There

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harry Styles is the gift that keeps on giving. Just a few weeks before the debut of his solo, self-titled album on May 12, Styles released "Sweet Creature," which is track five on the upcoming record. With a soothing, sweet acoustic vibe and lyrics to match, it's safe to say fans are losing it. It's different thematically, too. His prior release "Sign of the Times" is about childbirth (and is crushing the charts), but, given the sentimental "Sweet Creature" lyrics, it's safe to wonder: who's the girl he's talking about?

"Sweet Creature" seems to be an ode to a former or present love who Styles feels distant from because of their arguing. The opening lyrics read: "Had another talk about where it's going wrong/We're still young/We don't know where we're going/But we know where we belong." Regardless of the stubbornness and fighting, this person is his home. "We started/Two hearts in one home... Wherever I go, you bring me home," following lyrics read. But, later in the song, Styles may be shifting gears and reflecting on the past — in which case, the "Sweet Creature" wouldn't be a current lover.

One thing is certain: if this is an autobiographical account, Styles is singing about someone special who was in his life when he was young and carefree. I think that rules out Taylor Swift. My money is on a childhood sweetheart or someone from his hometown. Thus, all signs point to his first-ever girlfriend, Abigail Crawshaw, who he dated when he was only 13. (She's been under the radar since their 2015 reunion.)

Cases could also be made that "Sweet Creature" is about his sister Gemma since the lyrics are not explicitly romantic. And fans are definitely running with the theory that the song is about his relationship with Louis Tomlinson. But I think my detective work is pretty spot-on here, thank you very much.