This 'Bachelorette' Contestant Might Love The Gym More Than Anyone You Know

Ed Herrera/ABC

He may not be a personal trainer like half of the other contestants who end up on the show, but Kevin from The Bachelorette sure does love the gym. It's pointed out in his ABC profile multiple times that fitness is his biggest interest. "When he's not working, he's pumping iron at the gym," it reads, adding that though Kevin "wants to travel more, he won't go anywhere that doesn't have an available gym." Um, OK. Has someone told him there's not a gym in The Bachelorette mansion? Hopefully he'll get to go on some of the more physically involved group dates so he can keep up with his passion, or at least follow some of the creative alternatives Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have resorted to in order to get their workouts in while competing for a rose.

As evidence by his Instagram, which is filled with shirtless close-ups, Kevin's body seems to be a point of pride for him. But while he's fitness-minded, Kevin has made it clear that there's more to him than his muscles. According to his ABC profile, he also loves the Harry Potter series — which is fitting, as he exudes a deeply Victor Krum-like energy. He also loves to play the piano and sing, and does noble work at his day job, where he works as a behavioral health specialist helping military vets cope with trauma.

Kevin is a very passionate dude, which is actually why he believes he hasn't found his special someone yet. According to ABC, "Kevin says his past relationships haven't worked out because he 'loves too hard.'" Loving people too hard may have left him broken-hearted in the past, but perhaps that's because he wasn't looking for love in the right place. As the Bachelor franchise has shows over 15 seasons, loving too hard is exactly what can turn strangers into spouses on The Bachelorette.

Kevin doesn't hide that fitness is a large part of his personality, but the fact that there is so much that makes him who he is could suggest that he'll be on the show for the long-run. Past Bachelor contestant have made the mistake of presenting themselves in an easily memorable, if shallow, way. A gimmick can sometimes help someone get through their first night in the Bachelor and Bachelorette mansion, presuming they didn't show up in a sloth costume, but Kevin can keep himself from becoming like the Whabooms of Bachelorette past by showing that while fitness is his business, he's more than just "fit" Kevin.

After getting his passion for a good workout out of the way, Kevin can talk about his love of Chipotle burrito bowls, his dog, his experiences serving in the military before helping other veterans work through their trauma, and his wine preferences (Barefoot-brand Moscato). A first impression on The Bachelorette is great for that first night, but making it to the end of the show requires being able to make a good second, third, and fourth impression, and it sounds like Kevin has a lot more to talk about than his preference for the gym.