Lana Del Rey's "Cherry" Could Be About Her Rumored Romance

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Sure, the joy of a new romance is often about the fizz and excitement, but, if Lana Del Rey's song "Cherry" is about G-Eazy, then perhaps the 32-year-old experiences the early days of dating someone more intensely than the average person. That said, there's no specific evidence that the song is about the rapper. She doesn't cite his name or any specific physical characteristics of the guy she's in love with that we could attribute to the 28-year-old record producer. However, given the timing of their romance, there's definitely an argument to be made that "Cherry" is the singer's musical tribute to the man rumored to be her current squeeze.

After all, in her July 2017 Pitchfork interview in which the music website asked her about the TMZ rumors about Del Rey dating G-Eazy, she responded “They’re usually true. Maybe where there’s smoke there’s fire.” And if you haven't come across those rumors yet, according to TMZ, in May 2017 the "Me, Myself & I" rapper and the singer reportedly spent three nights in a row together and were papped leaving a club in LA. This followed on from when G-Eazy and Del Rey were reportedly spotted kissing at Coachella. As such, if the song was written any time over the past few months it would be unlikely to be inspired by someone else.

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Del Rey has never made a secret of the fact that her romances are pretty high-octane, dramatic affairs. In 2014, the Lust For Life singer told Rolling Stone that she thrives on romantic intensity, describing her relationships as "more of an extension of the creative process. There are high-impact events that happen, or big adventures, or big fallouts." As such, while the lyrics like "real love is like feeling no fear" might sound a little extreme to be applied to someone she's only been dating a matter of months, presumably this could just be how she rolls.

In the first verse she sings:

"A touch from your real love
Is like heaven taking the place of something evil
And lettin' it burn off from the rush, yeah, yeah (fuck)"

It's no stretch to imagine this could be about G-Eazy. After all, a source told The Mirror about reportedly seeing the Ultraviolence singer at Coachella with her new beau: “They barely left one ­another’s sides and looked very lovey-dovey. They were kissing and whispering in each other’s ears...they looked pretty hot for one another." As such, if reports are true, then this pair definitely have the requisite amount of sexual chemistry for "a touch from your real love" to be about the rapper.

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Then there's that chorus:

Darlin', darlin', darlin'
I fall to pieces when I'm with you, I fall to pieces
My cherries and wine, rosemary and thyme
And all of my peaches are ruined (bitch)

OK, whatever she's describing here sounds like a terrible relationship, while the rumored pair look pretty happy together. But what's important to note is that, in Lana land, falling to pieces doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. In her Rolling Stone interview she says of romantic intensity that "it's inspiring, and it's not grounding, but it's what I need to keep going." Three nights in a row with the same dude? Reportedly spending the entire weekend together at Coachella, as reported by The Mirror? Let's be real, that's pretty intense for the first few months. It's perfectly possible that the singer is as head over heels for the rapper as the above implies.

So no, there may not be any concrete evidence that this song is a musical tribute for G-Eazy. But in terms of its intensity? If it's been written over the past few months, it would be incredibly surprising if it was about anyone else.