Mandy Moore's Boyfriend Will Rock Your World

by Amy Roberts

The actor and musician's must-see TV show, This Is Us, provides us with plenty of love stories worth swooning over, but Mandy Moore's boyfriend, Taylor Goldsmith is giving us plenty to swoon over in real life too. If you've happened to catch a glimpse of the adorable couple on social media in the past year then you're likely more than aware of how cute the two look together, even if you don't have the first clue who Goldsmith is. But trust me when I say that you're definitely going to want to know, and that he sounds like a truly complimentary match for the multi-talented star.

First and foremost, it's worth knowing that Goldsmith is the lead singer of Dawes, a Californian indie rock band with a throwback sound reminiscent of '70s folk-rock like Jackson Browne or The Doors. So much so that some of their earlier music would likely fit perfectly within the background of a This Is Us flashback sequence starring Moore's younger character.

Having been an active band since 2009, Dawes have released five studio albums so far. And in 2013 one of those albums, Stories Don't End, resulted in the band promoting it on tour — by opening for none other than Bob Dylan. Suffice to say, the band are kind of a big deal.

Moore's six year marriage to indie-rocker Ryan Adams ended back in January 2015, but by July 2015, US Weekly was reporting that Moore was spending time with Goldsmith. Something made somewhat official by Moore sharing pictures of her rumored new boyfriend on Instagram which, let's be honest, is the new barometer by which all official and unofficial romantic unions are now measured.

Since then, the two have become an official couple beyond the simple parameters of Instagram with Moore gushing about her relationship to In Touch back in August, stating: "I am very happy! [Taylor] is a gem of a person. I really lucked out." And mercy, the joy off that one statement alone is truly palpable.

To find out even more about who Goldsmith is and why he appears to be Moore's indie-rock knight in shining armor, then you need to only take a look at the glorious posts of her Instagram feed. For instance, he appears to be something of a Scrabble enthusiast (and how could anyone not love that?):

As well as an incredibly dapper wearer of suits:

But he also looks like someone who appears to totally share Moore's enthusiasm for music. I mean, seriously, can't you just imagine these two hanging out together and casually busting out a tune between them? Because I definitely can, and it is magical:

In fact, Moore has already done something of a collaboration with her beau. We're All Gonna Die, the latest album by Dawes, was released in September 2016 and as well as featuring guest appearances from artists like Will Oldham and Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard, the album also features guest vocals from Moore (she even provided backup vocals for their album release party concert).

Moore even shows up in the official music video for their single, "When The Tequila Runs Out", because the couple that rocks together, stays together obviously:

Ultimately, from an outsiders perspective it has to be said that these two seem pretty damn perfect for each other. As musicians, they obviously seem well suited, but they also look as though they share a creative spark and romantic partnership worth celebrating in any relationship. So here's hoping these two lovebirds stay as adorable, inspiring and happy as they currently appear to be because they're truly rocking my World right now.