Who Is Matt From 'The Bachelorette'? Being The Penguin Suit Guy Isn't Enough

There are always early standouts on The Bachelorette, but the first impression rose winner doesn't always turn out to be the winner — first impressions are just a chance to stand out right away. Choosing a gimmick can be an easy way to be memorable, but it can backfire — like, take Matt, now known as Penguin Suit Guy. Who is Matt from The Bachelorette beyond a penguin-lover? What makes him cry, dream, or really think? Those are hard questions to answer, but his social media does give some insight into who the man behind the penguin mask is.

While the penguin gimmick wasn't quite as impressive as the full marching band, nor as terrifying as Adam Junior, it was a solid double: It referenced both something that Rachel loves, penguins, and something that Bachelor fans love, Alexis the "aspiring dolphin trainer" who showed up dressed as a shark during Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor (for what it's worth, Alexis told People that she was not impressed by Matt's outfit). But there's a real guy underneath that penguin suit, and while it's still early to tell whether or not he'll be the one to win Rachel's heart, here's what is known about him.

He Has A Pretty Typical Job


Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first (no offense, Matt). He's no "aspiring" something-or-other, nor does he have a stereotypically sexy profession (there's a firefighter on this season, guys). But there's no shame in Matt's job as a Sales Account Manager at construction company L. Suizo, according to his Facebook profile. Everyone's just trying to pay the bills — and there's no need to have an eccentric career to make it on The Bachelorette, that's for sure. After all, Matt has a stable career that could probably work anywhere, and since he's from Meriden, CT, and Rachel is from Dallas, they'll need to compromise on a place to live and potentially start a family if they wind up together.

He May Have Some Cooking Skills

His photography and presentation skills could use some serious work, but homemade spaghetti sauce, from scratch? That's the kind of thing that hometown visits were made for. If Matt can last that long, he should not underestimate the seductive powers of a bowl of pasta (for proof of this, watch Season 2 of Master of None).

His Bachelorette Bio Does Have One Interesting Detail

Most of the time, the contestants' ABC bios don't have much to say, and frankly, Matt's isn't much different. Most of the things he shares are pretty normal — he admires his parents, he's a basketball coach, he likes the movie Wedding Crashers. But Matt's Bachelorette bio does have one slightly odd detail. When asked where the strangest place he has sex, he responded, "The balcony of a cruise ship." He didn't choose to clarify whether he meant a public balcony or a private one, but you do need to be at least a little bit of an exhibitionist to do well on The Bachelorette, so that's an intriguing sign.

He's Also A Dog Person

Since Rachel decided to bring her dog along to The Bachelorette, I doubt that anyone with allergies or a cats-only attitude will last long on this season. Looks like Matt passes that hurdle with ease.

He's A Rabid Hometown Sports Fan

It hasn't been long, so when it comes to qualities that could help a suitor connect with the object of their affection, they should be thinking about how to strategically deploy it. For example, Rachel is a huge sports fan, and even tells ESPN that she majored in sports management and still has dreams of becoming a sportscaster. Matt is also super into sports — if you check him out on social media, he's passionate about the University of Connecticut basketball teams, and, according to his ABC bio, his proudest achievement is "probably the 10 years I have spent as a basketball coach, volunteering and working with inner city kids."

A penguin costume was a good start, but Matt could fade into the background among all the "Whabooms" or the hyper-confident, aggressive guys fighting for Rachel's love. But if Matt wants to keep standing out, he should take advantage of his sports connection with Rachel, their shared love of dogs, and maybe find a way to work in some cooking skills. And, if he's unsuccessful at winning the Bachelorette's heart, at least he knows he can always head to BiP dressed like a penguin.