Of COURSE The Creepy Janitor Is The Key To Cracking The Case On 'The Perfectionists'

Allyson Riggs/Freeform

Ali and Mona are very used to being watched on Pretty Little Liars, and for a minute there, it seemed like the tables had turned on PLL: The Perfectionists. Yes, there is a huge surveillance system at Beacon Heights University, where both women now live, but Mona seemed to make quick work of hacking into Beacon Guard and seeing what's what. But now, someone might be hacking her and acting as a friend. So who is Ray Hogadorn on The Perfectionists anyway?Is he connected to Mona's chess game? The name came up in the school's records she was able to get access to and he might be connected to Nolan's murder.

How Mona came to be at Beacon Heights University is still a mystery. In the premiere episode of The Perfectionists, she explained that her opportunities in Paris had dried up because the things she was supposed to be looking after — Mary Drake and Alex Drake, whom we saw at the very end of Pretty Little Liars — had wandered off. Cool!

So, Mona needed a new hobby, and she ended up in Oregon. Her job is vague, she is cagey, and she is lonely, too. One of Mona's only joys is playing online chess with a mystery player, whom she starts chatting with. The chess player, who plays under the handle Bad Bishop, says they have information that she can use about Nolan's death and all the shady things going down at Beacon Heights. Mona suggests meeting up to talk in real life but when she shows up, the room is covered wall to wall with clippings about Taylor Hotchkiss, indicating that whoever this person is invested.


When she turns around, it's the creepy janitor who has been lurking around her and always seems to pop up. So is the janitor Bad Bishop? If Dana and Claire Hotchkiss are watching Ali, Caitlin, and this Ray guy on Beacon Guard ... does that mean that Ray is the janitor? It would make sense that they would be onto a suspicious janitor with an interest in the Hotchkiss family murders (and disappearances).

There was always a plan on Pretty Little Liars, and there is definitely always a plan on The Perfectionists. And this addition of Ray/Bad Bishop/Janitor to Mona's circle could be really good for Mona. Let's think about it this way — Mona didn't even realize that Ray, the janitor, was lurking about because he tends to blend into the background. (Well, until a screwdriver dropped coincidentally next to her hand.) Ray probably knows everything about everything and everyone because no one takes him seriously enough to notice him.

If Mona is in trouble, Ray can certainly help get her out of it or help her develop the intel to do it. He plays a mean chess match, after all.


Of course, the other side of this coin is that because Ray may know everyone else's secrets, he definitely knows Mona's, too. Ray is basically the human manifestation of Beacon Guard, which means he could be on Dana and Claire's payroll, watching, waiting, and reporting back to these two women who will stop at nothing to... well, we don't know what just yet. And if he's Ray, it's entirely possible they're keeping tabs on him, too.

Viewers just know that Dana and Claire are out to get answers and keep secrets about the Hotchkiss family. For now, this guy is neither friend nor foe for Mona and Ali — and The Perfectionists fans will just have to wait for answers.