Who Is Rebecca's Boyfriend On 'This Is Us'? Jack Walked In At An Inopportune Moment

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Even the most fairy tale of romances may not start out smoothly. Jack and Rebecca are total #relationshipgoals on This Is Us — they're obsessed with each other, they have three beautiful children, and Jack's untimely death from smoke inhalation makes the whole thing that much more poignant and sad. But while Jack and Rebecca's first date seemed the thing to set them off onto a path of love and happiness, there's one big problem — Rebecca may not be single. Who is Rebecca's boyfriend on This Is Us? Jack found out about him the hard way.

Jack and Rebecca met while she was singing, and then they immediately locked eyes and went out after — one of those moments where when you just know... you know? They had a lovely evening together, even though Jack only had nine dollars to his name, which, after a carnival candy apple, a hot chocolate, and entrance to the carnival, turned out to be, uh, almost nothing. It was still great! Rebecca didn't care that he was broke, and they smooched in the car, and Jack was smitten. And hey — the guy needs a win, considering he just got back from Vietnam and he lost his brother there. Things, Jack will admit, haven't been the same. He's been having a hard time.

The next day, going to return Rebecca's sweater that she had left behind in his car (flowers in tow, of course), Jack pulls up to her house to find... a Logan Huntzberger-looking bro with a bad mustache and an even worse paisley shirt at Rebecca's door. He has flowers, too! And they're kissing! What kind of fresh hell is this? Now, we don't know who this chump is because This Is Us has never alluded to any real stumbling blocks in the beginning of Rebecca and Jack's relationship, but suffice it to say that This Is Us fans are shook.

Like some of these users said, yeah, we do know that Rebecca and Jack end up together. But how dare she be with someone who is not Jack Pearson? She didn't know that she was going to meet Jack that evening, but she should have known in her bones that she was going to meet Jack, right? In Rebecca's defense, she looked surprised to see Mr. McMustache Face at her door, so maybe it's an ex? A past gentleman caller that she brutally rebuffed and he showed up at her door anyway? His bouquet was also way bigger than Jack's, leading this viewer to believe that he has more money than Jack, which will become a sticking point for her, or him. But this guy looks like Sonny Bono, so Jack likely has nothing to worry about. Just, he doesn't know what us fans know yet, so strap in for yet another emotional rollercoaster ride.

In a recent interview, Moore told Entertainment Weekly that Jack and Rebecca's courtship wasn't a "straight line." But she also told Today that Season 3 feels so much lighter and happier than Season 2, which must bode well, right? "It's so much more fun to be happy and in 1970s hair and makeup," Moore said. "Young love is so much more fun to portray than the sort of heaviness and the dark cloud that sort of hung over Season 2." It seems like Rebecca and Jack will hit a speed bump or two this season, but in the meantime, let's hope that this guy is dissed and dismissed soon.