Ryan Gosling Did Bring A Date To The Oscars

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I wasn't very hopeful that Eva Mendes would attend the Oscars, but I'm glad Ryan Gosling didn't go alone. Instead of his girlfriend, Ryan Gosling brought his sister Mandi Gosling to the 2017 Oscars, according to Us Weekly. Mandi isn't just Ryan's older sister, though. She's part of the industry in her own right. According to her IMDb page, Mandi is a producer who worked on an episode of Dateline and an episode of Miss Advised. Pretty cool!

Ryan and Mendes are a famously private couple who hasn't attended a red carpet since 2012, so I wasn't surprised that Mendes didn't accompany Ryan on Sunday night. But, Mendes' loss was Mandi's gain, as she got to go and rub elbows with some of the coolest people in Hollywood. She also won't be the only celeb sibling in attendance. Emma Stone co-starred with Ryan in La La Land, and she also brought her brother to the show. And, Chris Evans brought his sister as well. Sometimes it pays to be related to a famous person who also doesn't want to bring a significant other to the red carpet.

As long as Mendes doesn't show up, Ryan's family and friends get to be his plus-ones instead, which is a pretty sweet deal. Here are the Gosling siblings meeting some pretty cool stars.

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Yes, that's Justin freaking Timberlake. Mandi witnessed a Mickey Mouse Club reunion. Let's just say, I'm pretty jealous of Ryan's sister right now.