The Delivery Guy In Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" Video Is All About That BDE

by Maitri Suhas

It's here — it's finally here. After 12 long days of teasers, Ariana Grande dropped the music video for "Thank U, Next" on Friday, Nov. 30, and it's five minutes of pure early 2000s bliss with homages to Bring It On, Mean Girls, 13 Going On 30 and Legally Blonde featured throughout. Grande recreated some iconic scenes, like the Bring It On toothbrushing/flirting, and of course, the bend and snap moment from Legally Blonde, complete with a happy ending for Jennifer Coolidge and the delivery guy. But wait, who is the delivery man in Grande's "Thank U, Next" video? Well, whoever he is, he's got big dick energy.

One of Grande's teasers for the music video was an Instagram of her with the legendary Coolidge, who makes a cameo in the video reprising her role as Paulette the nail technician, who becomes one of Elle Woods' best friends. And her love interest from the movie, the delivery guy, makes a cameo, as well — but instead of a UPS badge, he's got one that says "BDE," aka Big Dick Energy, aka a hilarious nod to the Pete Davidson BDE discourse of 2018.

But who is this hunky mystery man with the package? He's definitely not the original actor from the movie, Bruce Thomas, though they do bear a striking resemblance.

Could it possibly be screen and stage actor Andy Karl, who played the UPS guy in Legally Blonde: The Musical in 2007? It does look like him, especially when you see a photo of Karl in the delivery uniform on the Broadway stage, but as of yet, there's no evidence to confirm this detail.

Either way, fans are here for the UPS guy, based on the below tweets.

While Bustle rounded up a guide to all the cameos in "Thank U, Next," the UPS guy— whoops, the BDE guy! — remains currently unnamed. He definitely has that BDE, though.

And although, for now, we're not certain who he is (although that really looks like Karl...), we do know one of her other love interests in the video: Matt Bennett, who used to be one of Grande's costars on Victorious, plays the role of Cliff in the recreation of the toothbrush scene from Bring It On. And he is just as adorable.

A few of the other amazing cameos include Grande's close friend and artist Troye Sivan, who she pushes up against a locker; Jonathan Bennett, the original Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls; her dog Toulouse playing the role of Bruiser Woods; Elizabeth Gillies from Dynasty, who looks so much like Lindsay Lohan that naturally she plays Cady Heron. And of course, the cameo to end them all: Kris Jenner as the enthusiastic Cool-Not-Regular-Mom filming the Plastics doing their Jingle Bell Rock dance. Ariana, you're doing amazing, sweetie.

As for the BDE delivery man, he will have to remain a mystery for now. At least he and Coolidge get a happy ending, and the bend and snap doesn't end in a broken nose.