Kardashian Makeup Artist Joyce Bonelli Reveals The Wildest Beauty Thing Kim Ever Did

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Kardashian makeup artist Joyce Bonelli has been working with the famous and glamorous family for a decade now. She also works with Chrissy Teigen and Cara Delevingne. So her client base is the A-est of the A-list. Of course MUA Joyce Bonelli knows all the Kardashian beauty secrets. While Kim Kardashian herself revealed her signature "Rule of Three" contouring tip in a recent video on her KKW Beauty Insta, Bonelli revealed in an exclusive chat with Byrdie one of the key things she has learned from the Sisters Kardashian, who are indeed like family to her.

She also shared the most beauty-obsessed thing Kim has done.

You ready?

Bonelli, whose personal Insta is full of her gorj clients and her stylish self, affirmed that the Kardashians are "so into hygeine," "have so many little tips," and that she got a true education in spray tanning from this krew, known for its golden glow. Bonelli admitted the fam taught her "what exfoliators to use before you go and how you have to moisturize from your toe to your hairline afterward."

You hear that, spray tanners? You need to slather yourself from top to toe post-tanning.

But the craziest thing Kim has ever done for beauty, according to this interview? Chips in her manicure are not tolerated. Those must go and she will re-do her nails if need be!

Bonelli told Byrdie, "They are like perfect mannequins, from head to toe! Like, if there is one little chip in a manicure, that is not okay. They are so precise with every little detail. I’ve learned the importance of a mani-pedi, too, for sure. One time, I saw Kim get her nails done three times in a row because they just weren't perfect."

While perfection isn't a beauty ideal any of us should be chasing and most regular people don't have the time or the inclination to do, re-do, and then re-do their nails, I can appreciate that is indeed annoying when you have a chip in your newly painted nails. Since she is being chased by the paps and is always being photographed professionally, Kardashian is a perfectionist and wants to present herself as flawlessly as possible.

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The main takeaway here is that Kim and the Kardsahians pay meticulous attention to detail. Their images are their brands.

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