'Bach' Contestant Whitney Needs More Screen Time

Rick Rowell/ABC

So much of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor so far has been about Corinne and the people that she annoys — Taylor, Taylor, and, well, Taylor. Since Nick started the season with 30 women and hasn’t cut that many yet, there are still so many wonderful Bachelor contestants that viewers have barely touched the surface of! I get that villains like Corinne drive ratings, but we’re missing out on some lovely ladies here. For instance — who is Whitney from The Bachelor? (Really, Whitney — who are you?)

According to her ABC.com profile, Whitney is a 25-year-old Pilates instructor from Minnesota (though from her social media it seems like she lives in Los Angeles now), and if she could be anyone for a day, she would be “Gisele Bündchen/Brady because she has the reputation of being a really successful model and married to Tom Brady.” Now, I’m not a New England Patriots fan or anything, but I really can’t argue with that logic. I would test out being Gisele for a day — I imagine it can’t be that bad. The rest of Whitney’s profile is kind of, well, boring. We just don’t learn that much about her. She lives life without regrets (which is good but cliché), and she loves French fries and chocolate. Again, can’t argue, but I want to know more about Whitney. She hasn’t opened up the vault with Nick yet, so, left to my own devices, I took it to social media.

If I can say one thing about Whitney from looking through her social media accounts, it’s that she’s probably the most active Bachelor contestant since CrossFit buff Jillian Anderson, who appeared on Ben Higgins’ season and on Bachelor In Paradise 2. You remember her — she was the one who always had a censorship bar across her butt because her bikini bottoms were cut so small. Whitney is seemingly always working out, and she makes me, who is currently sitting with her hand in a pack of Double Stuf Oreos, feel like a slacker. Let’s take a look.

Whitney Defies Gravity

Pshh, this move looks easy! I could definitely do this... if you took the picture with me lying down and then flipped it. This is why Whitney gets paid the big bucks to instruct.

Whitney Is Super Strong

She doesn't even need to be in a pool to chicken fight — she can just pick up a human being, thrown him or her over her shoulders, and go. It's a good party trick.

Whitney Has Perfect Form

This is important not only when doing Pilates or any other kind of exercise but also when you have to bowl over 30 other women to win The Bachelor. It's like catching a bouquet at a wedding — you have to move faster, reach higher, jump bigger.

Whitney Swings

I'm admittedly not a golf fan, but if I lived under the placid, sunny skies of Southern California and liked to go outside, I would probably take up the sport, too. Whitney's swing ain't too bad, either.

Even if Whitney doesn't win Nick's heart, she could definitely win a foot race or a fitness competition, that's for sure.