Francesca Plays A Big Part In 'Master Of None'

by Samantha Atzeni
Netflix/Master of None

When Master of None returns on May 12, it will focus on Dev’s journey of self discovery against a beautiful Italian backdrop. Season 2 promises an adventure for Dev, filled with possibilities of a new life... and new love. Alessandra Mastronardi plays Francesca on Master of None, Dev's second season romantic lead. SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Dev and Francesca first meet, she is engaged to someone else. They connect immediately and viewers can see that there are sparks between the two. However, the will-they-won't-they storyline gets complicated as Dev asks himself he should take another chance on love with a woman about to get married.

The woman behind Dev's existential love crisis is played by Italian actor Alessandra Mastronardi. Although most of Mastronardi's work is in Italian, American audiences may recognize her from the TV miniseries Titantic: Blood and Steel and the 2012 film To Rome With Love. Mastronardi's largest role to date is the 2015 film Life with Robert Pattinson. Mastronardi had a small part in these three films, but based on the Master of None trailer, it looks as though Francesca will have a bigger role in the series. As Francesca, this role could have the potential to introduce Alessandra Mastronardi to a much larger American audience.


Titanic: Blood and Steel was originally produced by History Asia, but it premiered in the US on Oct. 8, 2012. Mastronardi played Italian immigrant Sofia Silvestri, who falls in love the protagonist Mark Muir, played by Kevin Zegers. In To Rome With Love, directed by Woody Allen, Mastronardi played Milly, who was married to Antonio, played by Italian actor Alessandro Tiberi. In Life, she played real-life Italian actress Pier Angeli, who had a love affair with actor James Dean. These three roles introduced American audiences to Mastronardi but it also showed her range of the type of women she could play on screen.

In an interview for To Rome With Love with Living in Cinema, Alessandra Mastronardi said, "Obviously, every actor or actress dreams of working in America and in LA, because the projects are amazing. The screenplays are amazing. But even in Italy we have a really good movie industry. I believe in this work. I believe in this industry. So if there’s work for me, and if they want me, I’m coming."

Having Dev move on from his heartbreak only to fall for a engaged Francesca speaks volume of the emotional growth that Master of None promises for Season 2. Since Francesca is engaged, Dev is willingly placing himself in a situation to be hurt. Newly single and infatuated with the Italian countryside, Dev may have to lean on his friends to work through these complicated feelings.

Netflix/Master of None

Of course, Dev's pain from his breakup with Rachel is still very fresh and letting go of a crush may prove to be more difficult for him. With Season 2, Master of None promises more nuanced storytelling through a new cast of characters, and Mastronardi is a huge part of that. She's sure to make a splash.