Sabrina From 'The Mick' Should Look Familiar


It's no secret that FOX has been knocking it out of the park with high-quality comedies for a few years now. Between Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, and The Last Man On Earth the network has assembled a wrecking crew of hilarious shows anchoring their comedy programming — and will soon be adding another show to their ranks. The Mick aims to bring the profane, irreverent attitude that star Kaitlin Olson perfected on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to network television — but she's not the only TV veteran in the cast. If you've been paying attention to television in the past few years, chances are you've seen Sofia Black-D'Elia, the actor playing Sabrina on The Mick, before.

Black-D'Elia may seem young, but she's no slouch. She stars in The Mick as Sabrina Pemberton, the oldest of the wealthy Pemberton children that Olson's Mackenzie Murphy must take care of — but it's far from Black-D'Elia's first time on television. The actor has been making splashes in TV for a few years in soap operas, teen dramas, and prestigious miniseries. The Mick is Black-D'Elia's first foray into televised comedy, but, with a resumé this diverse, the transition should prove to be incredibly smooth. Here are just a few of the roles you may recognize this up-and-coming star from.

Bailey Roper in All My Children

Black-D'Elia's first major television role came on the soap opera All My Children, playing teen mother Bailey Wells. She often starred opposite actor Finn Wittrock, who would go on to join the recurring cast of American Horror Story. While it's a far cry from the work she'd later do on The Mick, Black-D'Elia still managed to leave an impression on audiences at only 18 years old.

Natasha "Sage" Spence in Gossip Girl

Black-D'Elia made the leap to network primetime in 2012 in the recurring role of Natasha "Sage" Spence in the final season of Gossip Girl. Sage serves as a foil to the other characters in the show, frequently throwing others under the bus if it serves her or her friends. Although she only appeared in the final season, Sage quickly became an integral part of the series, even helping to finally determine the true identity of the titular Gossip Girl.

Andrea Cornish in The Night Of

In what is arguably Black-D'Elia's most notable role yet, she had one episode to make a huge impression on the audience. It's the death of the charming, self-destructive Andrea Cornish that propels the action of the series forward, and her performance casts a shadow over the entire series. Despite having only an hour of screen time, Black-D'Elia portrays a complicated personality that is beaming with life – which makes her loss so deeply felt throughout the series. Even as the show turns to the logistics and practicalities of law and prison, none of it would have mattered if audiences didn't feel for Black-D'Elia's Andrea from the very beginning.

The actor has played many roles in her career and seems to defy being categorized by type. She's managed to play characters that are loved, loathed, or both at the same time. While her role on The Mick will push her to channel her comedic sensibilities in a new way, it's safe to say that Black-D'Elia has already done the legwork to be considered a strong actor, and hopefully The Mick will provide the breakout role she's been working towards.