A Ghost Haunts New York City's Merchant's House Museum — And Her Story Will Break Your Heart

Sneha Antony/Bustle

With only a few weeks to go until Halloween, we are truly in the thick of spooky time, and what better way to celebrate than by learning about the rich backstories of lady-ghosts? In the third episode of Bustle's What's Up, Boo?, a series that investigates the lives (and afterlives) of famous female phantoms throughout history, host Alex Dickson attempts to hang out with Gertrude Tredwell, a genteel spirit haunting New York City's East Village.

Gertrude was born into the wealthy Tredwell family in 1840. She grew up on happening East 4th Street, in a home that is now the Merchant’s House Museum. (If she was alive in the mid-2000s, she’d definitely be a candidate for MTV Cribs.) Gertrude’s #MCM was Luis Walton, a young medical student who lived nearby. The pair fell deeply in love, but Gertrude was forbidden by her father from seeing Luis. Gertrude’s story gave me intense Romeo and Juliet vibes, but instead of drinking poison so they can be together in the afterlife, Gertrude and Luis died 30 years apart. Neither one of them ever married.

It is reasonable to assume that a woman with a sad story of lost romance would still be hanging around the house she lived in for nearly a century. Gertrude found love, but never got the chance to explore it because of her pops, who wouldn't let her see Luis because he was Catholic, and the Tredwells were Episcopalian. But there may still be hope for Gertrude and Luis after all. What's Up, Boo? host Dickson recruited the help of paranormal investigator Dan Sturges and astrology and spiritual consultant Angel Eyedealism to communicate with Gertrude — and potentially help her rekindle her love.

Using Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Alex and Dan were able to hear Gertrude’s voice state some pretty clear messages that seemed to reveal a lot about her personality, and how she is feeling. (You will just have to watch to find out exactly what Gertrude said.) This may seem creepy, but it's not all that unusual. Apparently, Gertrude makes her presence in the house quite well-known. According to Emily Hill-Wright, the museum manager, there is often an indent on Gertrude’s bed, as if someone were sitting on it. Emily says the staff will smooth out the bed before they leave for the night and the indent will be there in the morning. Although Gertrude seems pretty friendly and down to chill, Dickson expressed feeling Gertrude’s sadness as she toured her house.

Gertrude and Luis never got their happily ever after, their “'til death do us part,” but maybe death didn't necessarily mean their parting — maybe they have the chance to be together in the afterlife. Alex sat in during a tarot card reading with Angel to find out if this would be possible — and it wasn't all bad news. Angel was even able to access Luis' spirit, and the message he revealed was actually kind of touching. As it turns out, there still might be a chance for these two lovesick spirits to be together in the afterworld, after all.

Watch the third episode of What's Up, Boo? below to listen to what messages the spirit of Gertrude Tredwell communicated through EVP and the tarot card reading.

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