Tina Fey Is Returning To NBC In 'Great News'

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's going to be a new boss at MNN this fall, and she's going to look a whole lot like Liz Lemon. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Tina Fey is joining the cast of Great News for a seven episode arc in Season 2. Fey is an executive producer on the NBC comedy, but this will mark her first time appearing on the show. In fact, this is the first time the SNL legend has returned to scripted broadcast TV since 30 Rock ended (although she has guest-starred on the other comedy she executive produces, Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt).

Fey is set to play the new head of MNN, Diana St. Tropez, and her character was described as "Sheryl Sandberg on steroids" by showrunner Tracey Wigfield at the Television Critic's Association press tour. Diana sounds like she will fit right in with the hilarious workaholics and misfits that make up Great News' cast of eccentric characters. The little-watched comedy was one of the season's hidden gems, and with any luck, Fey's stint can give the show a boost in the ratings.

According to THR, Diana will be introduced as a woman who proves you can have it all. That makes her the anti-Carol, who is all mom, all the time. Her life philosophy is one that Carol's daughter, Katie, will be enamored with. Yes, that does mean that the great Andrea Martin and Fey will be facing off on your TV this fall. The time to get excited is now.

Great News already has a mother-daughter relationship for the ages at its center. Adding Diana in to complicate the dynamic that exists between Carol and Katie has the potential to be hilarious. Diana is a working mother and successful business woman — basically, Katie and Carol put together. Seeing how Fey interacts with the show's two leading ladies is going to make for some seriously fun TV.

As amazing as it is to see Fey on the big screen in movies like Sisters, it's wonderful that she still makes time to return to her TV roots. Having her first post-30 Rock broadcast gig be on NBC is just the proverbial cherry on top. Diana sounds like the kind of character Fey can get a lot of comedic mileage out of, and maybe her seven-episode stay on the show can even be extended. (Everyone cross your fingers now.)

Great News is already excellent, but with a head boss in charge like Fey on hand, it could truly achieve greatness in Season 2.