Calm Down, Maggie & Jackson Haters, 'Grey's Anatomy' Has A New Love Interest For Her


Since Maggie's arrival at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, she hasn't exactly been lucky in love. Between the weird fling with DeLuca and her super sad unrequited crush on Nathan, it's time for her to finally have some romantic stability, and it seems like that could be on the horizon. So, who is Maggie's new Tinder connection, Clive, on Grey's Anatomy? The below exclusive clip from Thursday's episode hints at what's ahead for the pair.

Hopefully, Clive is the one who distracts her from Jackson. Oh yeah, what I didn't mention in the brief history of Maggie's love life above is that she's currently toying with an interesting chemistry — if you could call it that — with Jackson. Jackson happens to be her step-brother, but that's not the real problem here, in my opinion. His mother and her father married late in life, and Maggie didn't even know her father until about five minutes ago, so who cares about that? They didn't grow up in the same house. The true issue is that this "chemistry" between them seems so forced, and I'm a hopeless romantic who is holding out hope that Jackson and April will find a way back to each other one day.

Enter, Clive, to save the day. Maggie apparently swiped right on Clive a few weeks ago and has become enamored enough that she's comfortable introducing him to some of her friends and family. In this exclusive clip for the new March 8 episode, Maggie's sisters prepare to put this new beau under the microscope.

We really need Clive to pull through this because the fanbase seems to really not be feeling Maggie and Jackson. If Clive withstands the scrutiny of Amelia and Meredith, he could prove that he's in this for the long haul. Of course, Amelia and Meredith have had their own issues in romance over the years, so Maggie should take their advice with a grain of salt. But, they are still her sisters (through blood and marriage), so their approval would probably mean the world to Maggie no matter what. A game night is quite the ruse for the group to use in getting to know Clive, and has potential for both disaster and hilarity.

It's also about time that we've seen a romance develop outside the hospital. Obviously Grey Sloan is where most of the show takes place, so it's the place most conducive to TV romance, but it does add a more realistic touch for a character to be dating someone who actually isn't a doctor. Surgeons don't only date other surgeons, despite what Shonda Rhimes may have us believe, and Jackson and Maggie do seem like a pretty random pairing. April and Jackson had their flaws, but the passion behind their relationship was undeniable, and especially given the fact that they share a child, plenty of people are hoping that the show leaves that door open.

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

And, regardless of April and Jackson's past, Maggie deserves something good and new of her own. Everyone at Grey Sloan has an incredible amount of baggage with them at this point, and while Clive definitely won't be free of his own past, he could offer a relatively clean slate for Maggie. And, if things ever went south, she wouldn't have to frantically dodge another ex by sprinting through the halls of the hospital, like literally every single other doctor there does on the regular.

Only time will tell if Clive will make that leap from Tinder hookup to bona fide boyfriend, but lord knows that this show needs some fresh blood in the mix. Impressing Meredith and Amelia won't be easy, but if Maggie is happy with Clive, hopefully they will be, too.

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