Arya's Made Good Progress On Her 'GoT' Kill List, But She's Not Done Yet

Helen Sloan/HBO

The idea of keeping a list of names of people you're going to kill was introduced to Arya back in Season 2 by Yoren shortly before he was murdered. The Stark girl started her own list soon after. But who's left on Arya's list in Game Of Thrones, and will she have time to finish them off before the series ends in four more episodes?

Arya's list has never been a static thing; it has both grown and shrunk over time, adding the names of new targets and dropping other names after she killed them, or they were killed by other people, or she decided to grant them a reprieve. Fans have cheered for Arya to complete her vengeance tour for years, but her singleminded pursuit of revenge hasn't really led to a triumphant happy ending like it might in another story. Here, Arya's laser focus on avenging the people who wronged her family has slowly stripped away her humanity over the years, and then her very identity, as her Faceless Man training taught her to be "no one."

Fortunately, Arya reclaimed her identity at the end of Season 6 when she quit the Faceless Man murder camp… but it still took a bit longer for her to reclaim her humanity. Even after returning to Winterfell, she still threatened to carve off her own sister's face and gleefully slit Littlefinger's throat. Now, in the eighth and final season, she finally seems to be reclaiming her humanity as well, a process helped by reuniting with Jon, reckoning with the Hound, and reconnecting with Gendry.

But with her list still incomplete, will Arya be able to avoid the deadly lure of vengeance for much longer? Let's take a look at everyone who's been on her list over the years and tally up how many she's killed — and who's still left to be murdered.

1. Sandor Clegane

Status: Alive, removed from list.

Reason for being on list: Killing her friend Mycah, the butcher's boy.

Will Arya kill him? If she ever fulfills her promise to put a sword through the Hound's eye and out the back of his skull, it's more likely that it will be a dragonglass sword used to put down her undead captor/mentor.

2. Ilyn Payne

Status: Alive, removed from list.

Reason for being on list: Cutting off Ned Stark's head.

Will Arya kill him? Doubtful. The character was written out of the show when the actor was stricken with cancer and hasn't been seen since "Blackwater," the penultimate episode of Season 2. (Don't worry, Wilko Johnson is feeling much better these days!)

3. Melisandre

Status: Alive, removed from list.

Reason for being on list: Kidnapping Gendry with the intention of sacrificing him to the Lord of Light.

Will Arya kill her? Maybe! The Red Woman did tell Arya they would meet again back in Season 3, and she told Varys in Season 7 that she would return to Westeros to die. But remember that Davos also has it out for the woman who burned Shireen, and Melisandre's not actually on Arya's list anymore.

4. Beric Dondarrion

Status: Alive, removed from list.

Reason for being on list: Selling Gendry to Melisandre.

Will Arya kill him? Unlikely. It's much more likely that Beric will fall in battle — or use his gift of life to bring someone else back from the dead after they fall in battle, like how Beric sacrificed himself to resurrect Lady Catelyn in the books.

5. Thoros of Myr

Status: Killed by undead polar bear after being removed from list.

Reason for being on list: Selling Gendry to Melisandre.

Will Arya kill him? Nope. His comrades made sure to burn his body after he succumbed to his injuries, so no wight-Thoros will be coming for Arya during the battle of Winterfell.

6. Joffrey Baratheon

Status: Poisoned at his own wedding by Olenna Tyrell in league with Petyr Baelish.

Reason for being on list: Ordering the execution of Ned Stark.

Will Arya kill him? Sorry, she missed her chance.

7. Tywin Lannister

Status: Shot with a crossbow by Tyrion Lannister while sitting on the toilet.

Reason for being on list: Leading his armies against her brother Robb and arranging his murder at the Red Wedding.

Will Arya kill him? She had an opportunity to while they were both at Harrenhal in Season 2, but she waited too long.

8. Polliver

Status: Killed by Arya.

Reason for being on list: Killing Lommy and stealing Needle.

Will Arya kill him? Done and done!

9. Rorge

Status: Killed by Arya.

Reason for being on list: Threatening to rape her.

Will Arya kill him? Check!

10. Meryn Trant

Status: Killed by Arya.

Reason for being on list: Murdering her dancing master, Syrio Forel.

Will Arya kill him? Mission accomplished.

11. Walder Frey

Status: Killed by Arya.

Reason for being on list: Orchestrating the Red Wedding.

Will Arya kill him? Another one bites the dust.

12. Gregor Clegane

Status: Alive… well, sort of.

Reason for being on list: Torturing her fellow prisoners at Harrenhal.

Will Arya kill him? The Mountain seems destined to face off against his brother, the Hound. But if that fight didn't go well and Gregor ended up killing Sandor, Arya may very well murder the Mountain to avenge him — which would be ironic, considering the Hound used to be on her list as well.

13. Cersei Lannister

Status: Alive.

Reason for being on list: Her participation in the execution of Ned Stark.

Will Arya kill her? The valonqar prophecy implies that either Tyrion or Jaime will do the deed — although some fans theorize that the Valyrian word is genderless (like the mistranslation of the Prince That Was Promised), and therefore the valonqar doesn't have to be a little brother and could just be a little sibling… which Arya is.

So, out of 13 names on her list, Arya has removed five for various reasons; two have been killed by other people; she herself has already crossed off four; and two more remain. Of course, those two remain perhaps the deadliest names of all on her list. Will Arya manage to kill one or both of them before the end? She'll have to survive the Battle of Winterfell first…