This New ‘Jessica Jones’ Nemesis Could Be The Alter-Ego Of An Existing Marvel Character


Spoilers for Episodes 1 and 2 of Jessica Jones Season 2 follow. Not every one of the antagonists on Jessica Jones has to have superpowers like Jessica. After all, plenty of people with no remarkable abilities know how to get under her skin. Pryce Cheng on Jessica Jones Season 2 appears to be one of those people, as this suave private investigator annoys Jessica the moment he shows up on screen.

Pryce steps into Jessica's office during the Season 2 premiere, "AKA Start at the Beginning," and offers her a job at his "risk management" company, Cheng Consulting. But Pryce's motives are far from altruistic and this rival private investigator is going to give Jessica grief throughout Season 2. This new PI in Jessica Jones is kind of a mystery, and Marvel comics aren't much help.

Cheng says he wants to hire Jessica since she's a "powered person" and it could bring his company more business. But after Jessica rejects his offer, it's revealed that he was actually sent by Jeri Hogarth. Jeri tries to hire Jessica through Pryce since the two women had a falling out, but he and Jessica butted heads from the get-go. Jessica is hoping to get something on Cheng to keep him from going after Alias Investigations. But when it comes private investigating, she may have met her match. He knows when she's following him.


After Pryce steals one of Jessica's clients, she returns the favor. However, because she's Jessica, this altercation becomes violent. She makes a true enemy out of him once she loses her temper and beats Pryce up in his office. (To be fair, he cruelly provokes her by talking about her dead family.) Although she does get arrested for the assault, he decides that's not good enough and he hires Jeri to sue Jessica to further damage her. So, Pryce isn't going to let Jessica off the hook for anything in Season 2 it seems.

Terry Chen plays Pryce and he wrote on Instagram that his character will "stir some sh*t up" in Season 2. Yet, Marvel comics can't really offer any insight into just how much sh*t he is capable of stirring up. Pryce doesn't appear to be a character from the Marvel comics — at least not with the name he has now. There is a Zhou Cheng in the comics, who briefly appeared in Netflix's Iron Fist in the eighth episode. But despite sharing the surname "Cheng" and each being involved with a Defender, these men don't appear to be related.


Pryce could end up going through an evolution — say, like getting superpowers? — and a name change that could possibly later reveal that he is indeed a villain in the Marvel comics. This wouldn't be entirely out of the question since the Netflix TV shows aren't shy about switching up their source material. If that was the case, he doesn't even necessarily need to be a part of Jessica's comic story line. For instance, it looks like Trish fights Pryce in the Season 2 trailer, so perhaps he's a villain for her superhero alter-ego Hellcat.

Barely anything was revealed about Pryce before Season 2 premiered, so this character's origins are unclear. What is clear though, at least from the first two episodes of Season 2, is that Pryce does not like being made a fool of by Jessica Jones — maybe because she's a superhero, a woman, or all of the above. So as she tries to uncover how she got her superpowers all those years ago, she'll also have to deal with this superjerk trying to undermine her career.