Here's Everything We Know About That Mysterious New 'Black Lightning' Villain

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Spoilers ahead for the Black Lightning Season 2 midseason finale. The midseason finale hints at Tobias Whale's plans to quietly build a formidable team — which may now include a vicious new Black Lightning villain introduced during the episode’s final moments. He’s quite the mysterious addition: He has yet to be named, no known comic book equivalent, and he wasn't one of the many new characters announced for Season 2. So, his purpose and mission heading into the back half of the season are completely up in the air, which is both very exciting and very nerve-wracking.

In the Dec. 11 episode, Black Lightning, Thunder, and Gambi are tracing Jennifer's last the steps in hopes of keeping her safe from Tobias' new right-hand woman, Cutter. However, Jennifer is able to hold her own as she takes down Cutter with her powers and forces her to give up an antidote to save Khalil’s life so they can continue their Bonnie and Clyde adventure. Meanwhile, Tobias forms an alliance with Todd Green, an awkward tech genius who is angry about being passed over for a research grant in favor of his rich, White counterpart.

Things take an interesting turn with the mystery guy's deadly introduction. He makes his mark on a saloon by beating several people to death. The man he's searching for hides behind a table as he watches blood and guts spill everywhere, then emerges and attempts to shoot the new baddie.

The CW

Unfortunately for him, this guy has teleportation abilities and quickly gets the upper hand, killing the man before casually taking a drink and answering a phone call. The person on the other end is a mystery, but one thing is for sure – someone is ready to pay him big bucks to use his lethal skills in Freeland. Yep, it looks like Black Lightning and Thunder will have yet another massive problem to solve soon.

He could be working with someone fans don't know, especially since he told the person on the phone that his mission was done. The neon signs on the wall suggest he was in Texas, so it wouldn't make sense for Tobias to have him completing a job in another state. But this doesn't mean that Tobias is not somehow involved with him coming to Freeland.

Cutter is currently M.I.A. after Jennifer cut her with a poisoned knife, so Tobias is probably hiring this metahuman mercenary to either locate Khalil or help out with his shady plans for the Freeland community. Tobias is the only known choice that makes sense because Looker is, well, a delusional racist, and the A.S.A. probably wouldn't team up with a metahuman. This new villain appears to be around the same age as Jefferson, so he might have been one of the original metakids who went all dark and twisty as a killer for hire.

He's certainly going to be a character to watch (and fear) in the second half of Season 2. He has the ruthlessness of Tobias, metahuman powers like Black Lightning, and a willingness to kill anyone who stands in the way of reaching his target. He will make a bigger splash in upcoming episodes, but for now fans can speculate about his Freeland mission.