Why Are Future & His Daughter Wearing Masks At The 2017 BET Awards? Twitter Is Losing It Over The Outfit Choice — PHOTOS

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The BET Awards are infamous for their fashion forward and innovative red carpet choices, where artists, actors, and celebs walk down to the ceremony in everything from denim dresses to sequined-bombed ballgowns. So when Future and his daughter wore masks to the BET Awards, it wasn't seen as jaw-dropping-ly shocking, but rather pretty on trend. But there might be a reason why they both rocked that bold, sartorial look.

Future walked onto the red carpet in a chic, black tuxedo and tailored collared shirt, sans necktie to keep the ensemble streamlined and elegant. His daughter, Londyn Wilburn, wore a champagne pink sequined dress, going for high glamour. Both of them had Bane-like masks on, if Bane from Batman decided to trade his in for haute couture. Future's was a black diamond version, that completely covered his lower face and spiderweb-ed up to his ears. Londyn had a gold bedazzled mask that caught the light with every move. But was this just an innovative sartorial choice, or was there more to the masks then met the eye? After all, from Yara Shahidi wearing a denim dress to Dascha Polanco rocking a ruffled pantsuit, the BET Awards are the award ceremony where you allow yourself to experiment.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But Future's masks could have had an underlying meaning. One possible explanation is that it would bring attention to his hit song, "Mask Off," and his fifth studio album, Future.

The single is his highest-charting song on the album, as well as Future's best-charting single so far. So it would make total sense to bring attention to it while he and his daughter rocked the red carpet.

You have to admit, that is a clever as hell way to market your music — and they both looked amazing while doing it.

I mean, very fab.