Why Did Bri Leave 'Little Women: Atlanta'? She's In A Different Southern Spotlight Now

Zach Dilgard/Lifetime

The third season of Little Women: Atlanta is set to premiere on Wednesday, Jan. 4, but it will be slightly different this time around. There are a few new cast members and some original stars, like Bri Barlup, left Little Women: Atlanta before Season 3. But if you've been following the other series in Lifetime's Little Women franchise, then you already know that she can still be found on your TV. Along with fellow dancer Emily Fernandez, Bri now stars in Little Women: Dallas, the Texas-set spinoff that recently wrapped up its first season.

While Atlanta to Dallas might seem like a big move, it actually makes some amount of sense. First of all, Bri and Emily got to make the move together, and since they work together as dancers known as "Left Cheek" and "Right Cheek," being able to stay together is important. And why wouldn't they want to start over with a brand new show that's built around them as the two major stars? On the first two seasons of Little Women: Atlanta, Bri was a big part of the drama, especially once another set of dancing little women joined the cast. Professional boundaries were crossed, and Bri was not afraid to get in anyone's face and confront them. Ironically, those new twins are actually Texas natives.

But gaining new TV rivals wasn't the only thing that changed in Bri and Emily's lives before their move. During Little Women: Atlanta, Bri was struggling to move on from a failed relationship with her son's father. And tragically, Emily's infant son passed away at just three months. Both women could use a change and a challenge to throw themselves into, and a move across the country could be one small way to accomplish that.

Little Women: Dallas has yet to be renewed for a second season, but chances are probably good, considering the success of the other Little Women series. And the season "finale" ended with a preview teasing more upcoming episodes, so whether it's a continuation of Season 1 or will be released as Season 2, it seems clear that Lifetime is still interested in more of this Dallas-based spinoff.

That means more Bri and more Emily, despite their absence on the upcoming Atlanta season. And more of Bri's adorable son, who managed to run away with the first season of Dallas and will certainly hog some more of his mom's camera time in any future episodes.

So there's no reason whatsoever to be worried about Bri when she's absent from the Little Women: Atlanta Season 3 premiere. She's still dancing, still close with Emily, and still a reality star who's bearing her life for Lifetime audiences. She's just doing it from a different part of the South now.