What Was With Dean’s Jockstrap On 'The Bachelorette'?

Paul Hebert/ABC

Dean made quite the sartorial choice for the first group date in Norway; it was the jockstrap heard round Bachelor Nation. On Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, a majority of Rachel Lindsay's remaining suitors threw on some singlets and played a spirited game of handball. Dean Unglert, however, took things up a notch: He strutted out onto that court with an athletic supporter over his handball singlet. Now, I’ve personally never used a jockstrap, but I do know that the protective belt is traditionally worn under athletic attire. So, uh, why was Dean's jockstrap over his handball uniform? What happened there? What was that darling cherub up to?

Did Dean realize he forgot to put on a protective cup just as everyone was heading out of the locker room? Was there not enough time to take off the singlet, throw on the jockstrap, and put the singlet back on? Did he have to act fast? Is anyone else wearing a jockstrap? Did anyone acknowledge The Jockstrap? Is this Dean's homage to Superman? Or to Robin? Or to Quailman? Was this all for a laugh? Was Dean just being Dean? Am I giving this way too much thought?

It’s been one full day since Dean wore a jockstrap over his singlet on national television, and he still hasn’t tweeted an explanation. I don’t know if I’d go so far to say he owes us an answer, but uh, it would be greatly appreciated. I just want to know the story behind the exposed jockstrap, that’s all. I’m sure it’s a good story, and I love a good story.

Curious to see if wearing a jockstrap over a uniform is a thing, I pulled up Google and asked, “is wearing a jockstrap over a uniform a thing?” The second result was a WikiHow article titled “How To Wear a Jockstrap.” There was a lot of useful information about cups and what have you, but nothing about why one might choose to wear a jockstrap over a singlet.

I did some clicking around and eventually ended up on WikiHow’s “How to Choose and Wear a Protective Cup for Sports.” This guide offered up the following relevant item:

A cup (inside a cup-jockstrap, cup-brief, or cup-sliding short)should be worn without anything underneath (don't wear underwear underneath). This maximizes their protectiveness by completely encasing the male genitals and allowing the genitals to be held tightly against the body. However, if you want to wear something underneath, only a thin pair of nylon/spandex briefs should be worn. EXAMPLE: Under Armor Compression Shorts.

Huh. Does a singlet count as thin nylon/spandex briefs, y/n? Maybe Dean just didn't have a pair of spandex briefs handy, but really wanted to wear something underneath the jockstrap. Huh, huh, huh. I could see that.

... Or again, maybe this was all for a laugh?

One more time for the nosebleed seats: Am I giving this way too much thought?

When I mentioned the visible jockstrap to my Bachelorette group text, one friend replied, “Never question Dean.” And you know what? She’s right. I should drop this and just appreciate the jockstrap gaffe.

I shall support this iconic athletic supporter moment.