The Reported Reason Georgia & Sam Left 'Love Island' Will Have Fans Cracking Up


Love Island devotees, strap in: it looks like Georgia Steel has finally displayed her famous loyalty and reportedly left the villa with her forbidden love, Sam Bird. Their relationship has been a tortured one, after the pair were faced with an (almost) impossible decision: leave the villa together, or remain on the show and break up. Though Georgia and Sam Bird initially decided to take the latter route, they've since had a change of heart. But why have Georgia and Sam quit Love Island?

Clearly, trouble was on the horizon from the moment Georgia and Sam agreed to split in order to stay on the island. Though the ill-fated lovers were informed they'd be dating others directly after announcing their decision, they couldn't stay apart for long, stealing prohibited kisses all over the villa.

Their choice to split in order to keep their places on the show wasn't exactly a popular one. In fact, it even threatened to split up one of the longest running relationships on the show — Georgia and Dani Dyer's friendship. Dani didn't hesitate to share her unfiltered thoughts on the matter, saying, "I think you've made a stupid decision — you're going to be crying, George," in a confrontation that resulted in Georgia storming off.

There's no need for fans to panic, though — based on last night's episode, it looks like Dani and Georgia's friendship is firmly back on track. "It really irritates me that you're always right and I'm always wrong," Georgia told her sagacious bestie.

Later, Georgia explained: "At the end of the day, Dani is always right when it comes to me asking for advice, which is so annoying. However, that's why she's my mate — because she puts me back on the straight and narrow, and that's why I need her."

Once again, Dani's proved herself the sort of friend no girl should be without; but more crucially, could Ms Dyer have influenced Georgia and Sam's decision to pack their bags and leave the show?

The couple wouldn't be the first to abandon the island in the name of love — earlier this month, Samira Mighty left the villa in order to be with ousted beau Frankie Foster, and the pair adorably reunited at Gatwick Airport, reports the Metro.

But Sam and Georgia were adamant, at least at first, that they wanted to stay in the villa, even if it meant splitting up. Sam let his ambitions slip in a conversation with Jack and Dani, revealing, "I'd love to go the full way and go to the final" — not the most likely candidate for a romantic couples' walkout, then. Seems like something's changed their minds, however; we'll be seeing exactly what went down in Thursday's episode.


Can't wait until then? Here's what purportedly triggered the pair's decision: "an explosive re-coupling", the Mirror reports. "Sam and Georgia were unhappy with the result so made the choice to walk out shortly after filming," the paper states, citing an unnamed source. "None of the Islanders could persuade the loved-up pair to stay so they decided to leave."

I decided to ask ITV to confirm whether Georgia and Sam have really packed up their Missguided swimsuits for good, and whether the re-coupling, which takes place in Thursday's episode, is to blame. A spokesperson tells me: "We wouldn't comment on this sort of speculation."

However, they then go on to add: "FYI, there is a re-coupling tonight." Tantalising!

I also reached out to Sam and Georgia's spokespeople to get their thoughts on what happened, but neither responded before this article was published.

Sounds like Thursday's episode is not one to catch up on later, then: bums on seats by no later than 8.55 p.m. please!