Chris Harrison's Reason For Skipping Wells & Danielle On The 'BiP' Finale Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

ABC/Paul Hebert

Summer came to a close Monday night — AKA Bachelor in Paradise came to an end. During the finale, fans got a chance to catch up with the cast two months after their last day in paradise. Well, we got to catch up with everyone except fan favorites Danielle M. and Wells. Viewers found out that Robby and Amanda got together after Paradise only to break up again, that Raven and Adam are going strong, and that Taylor and Derek are going even stronger (they ended up getting engaged!). There was even a cute update on Ben Z. and his dog, Zeus. However, an update on Danielle and Wells was nowhere to be found.

Danielle and Wells shared an atypical romance during this season of Bachelor in Paradise, since Wells was the resident bartender and wasn't technically available to date. There seemed to be a little chemistry brewing between the two, though, even from the start. They had known each other before they were ever on their Bachelor and Bachelorette journeys and so they were already friends going into BiP. Paradise seemed to be the perfect place for both of them to realize that they could maybe be something more than friends. And right before Danielle left Mexico, because she didn't feel a connection to anyone, Wells gave her the romantic send-off both she and the fans had been waiting for.

Now, host Chris Harrison is giving some insight into why viewers didn't get to check in with Wells and Danielle during the finale, even though they were both at the after show taping. He wrote, "Producers cut the bit about Danielle and Wells update cause it was pretty confusing and unsatisfying". Well, it's "pretty confusing and unsatisfying" to not have any update on their relationship at all.

The show could have spent a little time giving fans an update even if it wasn't the outcome fans would have wanted to hear. Instead, the finale left Wells and Danielle shippers frustrated for more info. Thankfully, the host didn't wait too much longer to offer up an actual update on the couple:

This isn't exactly the update that fans have been waiting for, but Bachelor Nation rooting a little to hard for Wells and Danielle has actually been part of the reason they haven't been able to figure things out yet.

Danielle commented on her and Wells' relationship on Bustle's Will You Accept This Podcast? and said, "All the media attention has been — it's, like, everyone wants it so bad that we haven't had a second to be like, 'Is this something we really want to do?'"

Wells had something similar to say when he spoke to Glamour. "I realize America is really shipping this thing, but we are so far away from that, mainly because we haven't been around one another," he said.

Fans may want to see the two of them together, but it just doesn't look like it's happening — at least not yet. They're not ruling out a possible relationship entirely, though. Wells said in his interview with Glamour that, "Yes, there is still hope for us." Danielle has also said that, "We're still really good friends and just kind of seeing what could happen, I guess. We're just focusing back on the friends and [we'll] see."

The finale still could have aired a segment that went into this. It might be complicated, but that doesn't mean fans don't care or can't understand it. Some fans took to Twitter to lament about how things could have gone. One fan thought that the finale should have shown more Wells and Danielle and less Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson:

Another fan echoed that frustration:

This fan spoke for many with a simple statement:

If Harrison could summarize Wells and Danielle's entire relationship in 140 characters on Twitter, why couldn't they fit the brief segment on the actual show? There was a lot of content to cover and Harrison himself said that there wasn't enough time to show it. But, like many fans said, there's already been so much coverage of the Corinne and DeMario scandal. It would have been nice for the finale to cover Wells and Danielle instead, even if to just offer up a quick update on where they are at in their own words.

Still, it's great that Harrison did offer up this update on the fan favorite couple. It's also nice to hear from Danielle and Wells that there is hope for a love connection between them and maybe they'll update fans when (and if) they're ready. It's not exactly the best news for fans of the pair but at least Bachelor Nation isn't left hanging anymore.