What Derek Said In His Proposal To Taylor Will Make 'Bachelor In Paradise' Fans Cry Happy Tears

Paul Hebert/ABC

It didn't come as much as a surprise, but we finally got to see it happen. On Monday night's Bachelor in Paradise finale, Derek asked Taylor to marry him, giving her the most gorgeous Neil Lane engagement ring in the process. Considering the fact that they've been the most stable couple all season long, it was practically a given that they'd get engaged, but even so, it was still really sweet to see it all go down. Derek's proposal to Taylor on BiP was so sweet, and it looks like they're all set to spend the rest of their lives together.

Leading up to the finale, basically everything having to do with their relationship got spoiled. It didn't take long for reports to surface that they'd gotten engaged during the after show (it was pre-taped), and People even published photos of Taylor's sparkly two-carat diamond ring before their proposal even aired. But there was still one thing that didn't get publicized ahead of time, and that's the proposal itself.

And after seeing it on the BiP after show, it was definitely worth the wait. Between Derek's proposal speech and how excited Taylor was when it happened, it was a really nice moment in a finale filled with drama and unhappy endings.

Their fantasy suite date was so adorable, and the morning after clip that BiP played was the perfect lead in to such a monumental event in their lives. They were both obviously so happy to be together when they sat down with Chris Harrison, and after Paradise, they spent three weeks together, committing to make their long distance relationship work. And so far, it has, because then he popped the question.

When the time came, Derek turned to Taylor and made the cutest speech ever. He said:

Taylor, you are so intelligent, emotionally and intellectually, you have such a big heart and you're absolutely stunningly beautiful. Is she not beautiful? Taylor, I love you — I'm so nervous right now. You're not searching for someone who completes you, but who complements you. And I think we literally and figuratively do that. Early in our relationship, I literally built a fire for you even though you're a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man. And figuratively because you've since lit a fire in my heart. I choose to love you this minute, this hour, this day, and every day from here on out. So, Taylor Catherine Nolan, you make me the happiest man on this planet. Will you marry me?

How cute is that?! And obviously, Taylor wasted no time at all in saying yes, and the rest of the cast quickly headed to the stage to congratulate their friends.

Even though this season has been a bit... much, this was the perfect way to end things on a positive note. There may have only been two couples standing at the end of BiP this season, but it looks like Derek and Taylor have a bright future together. Maybe next year, we'll be watching their wedding on the beach?