Jason Causes The Biggest 'BB19' Shake-Up Of The Season

Sonja Flemming/CBS

For the longest time, it seemed that Big Brother 19 would be a season without big moves. Aside from twists that were out of the players' control, BB19 has been a pretty predictable ride. Someone wins HOH; Paul tells the house who to evict; and that person goes home. Everything seemed to be going smoothly for Paul until Jason threw a major wrench in his plans by making his own move. Jason flipped the house on its side during his PoV meeting in the Aug. 30 episode, and sent everyone into a frenzy. Jason's didn't use the veto on Big Brother 19, but it could lead to his downfall in the long run.

There aren't many people left in the house, so one would think that a remaining houseguest would try not to anger four of the remaining eight houseguests. Jason, however, has proven to be as unpredictable as a rodeo clown should be. By not using the power of veto to remove Matt or Raven from the block, he has upset two of his closest allies, Paul and Alex, and made an enemy out of the soon-to-be-evicted Big Brother showmance that is Maven. While this move may not be good for Jason if he wants to win the half-million dollar grand prize, the audience was happy to finally see someone make a bold move.

Jason's move was a nice change of pace from a predictable season, but don't get excited about Jason making it to the end. Betraying half of the house is a sure-fire way to become the biggest target on Big Brother. Whoever out of Maven remains in the house will certainly be gunning for Jason, and Paul has been targeting everyone in the house that he can't control. Jason may be able to repair his relationship with Alex, but right now it looks like Kevin is Jason's only friend in the Big Brother house. Jason's big move was entertaining for fans, but it may not have been worth it for his long-term game.