Why Don't I Have Polls On Instagram Yet? Make Sure You Go Through These Steps First

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You might have noticed something different and new on Instagram today: story polls. That's right: as of Oct 3., the app has added a new interactive feature. However, if you don't already have it, you're probably wondering why you don't have the Instagram polls update yet, and maybe even low-key freaking out. Everyone else is already getting in on the fun and polling away and you're just sitting there staring at your sticker sheet wondering where the hell the poll sticker is.

As with most updates, Instagram likes to roll things out slowly. A controlled rollout that eventually reaches everyone is the company's MO — after all, there are a lot of users! Additionally, it's the best way for them to troubleshoot as they go, and make sure there are no snags or hiccups in with the release so that things go smoothly. And as with all updates, in order to get them, you have to update your app.

So there's no need to stress, you're not getting left behind, you too, will be able to poll your friends on which kind of donut to order or which pair of shoes to buy or whether you should take the blue pill or the red pill or cut your hair off. Yes, you can literally customize the poll (once you get it!) to ask your friends and followers anything. Here's how to get polling in four easy steps, oh and good luck not getting completely addicted:

Update Your App


If you don't see a "poll" sticker available in your sticker page on Instagram stories, head to the App Store and update Instagram. A simple update might be all you need. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait a few days until the rollout is complete. Don't worry, I promise you're not going to be excluded for long. And trust that it's for the best! If after a day or two you still can't find it, try logging in and out and quitting the app, just to be sure.

Confirm You Have The Poll Sticker


When you open your Instagram stories, and take a picture or video, tap the upper right hand corner sticker icon. Right next to the hashtag sticker should be a "poll" sticker. It's got blue and green letters — see it? All you need to do is give it a tap, and customize it to best fir your poll! It's really as easy as that.

Create A Poll


You can poll your followers on literally anything. Maybe you want to ask them what you should order for lunch? Maybe you want to ask them which movie is worth paying to see right now? There are endless options for polling your friends and having fun with the new feature. Once you post the story, the poll will go live.

Get Results


Once people see the poll in their stories, they can interact and participate by choosing an option that you've customized for them. Once they pick an option, they can see the real time results of the poll. And when you look at your story, you can swipe up to see who has voted and what they've voted for. All of this happens in the same frame of the story that your poll is on. There's no need to click out of anything or head to another section, as you do with direct message. Polls are all right there, easy to use, easy to look into and super fun. Get ready to start relying on your friends and followers for every single decision. Not because you can't make it on your own, rather, it's so much more fun to ask Instagram to choose.