The Origin Of Danielle L.'s Nickname On 'BiP' Comes From A Surprising Place

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Paul Hebert

Danielle Lombard was a popular arrival in Bachelor In Paradise, getting looks of interest from the men and big hugs from the women. Everyone's been calling Danielle L. "D. Lo," which might be confusing for the uninitiated. Or maybe you've forgotten to think about it at all, since Danielle L.'s already had such an eventful Paradise: she's gone on a giggle-filled date with Dean Unglert, she's celebrated her half-birthday, and she's become a point in the most intense love triangle thus far. But, if you remember, all the ladies called Danielle "D. Lo" when she arrived, and the nickname that originated on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor needs some explaining.

On Nick's season, there were two Danielles that made it far into the show: Danielle Lombard and Danielle Maltby. This name sharing is a common occurrence for the show, and many contestants become known by their first name and last initial as a result. But instead of just being Danielle L., Danielle Lombard quickly became known as D. Lo, a nickname that has stuck around through Bachelor In Paradise. And the reason why D. Lo is the nickname that lingered around all of these months may come as a surprise.

Danielle L. knew fans were curious about her nickname, so she took to social media to tease its origins: it's from an E40 verse. E40, originally known as Earl Stevens, is a rapper and part of the group The Click. E40 has a song called "D-Lo — No Hoe," and this is where Danielle L.'s nickname came from.

But the best thing about Danielle L.'s nickname is that it shows the closeness of the women on the show; nicknames are often a sign of familiarity and friendship. On The Bachelor, the women spend more time with each other than with the lead and it's nice to see that many of the women became good friends. While there are love triangles, love squares, and the works on Bachelor In Paradise, most of the women seem to remain close.

Hopefully, the women continue to support each other on the show. D. Lo's current love triangle has Dean dating both her and Kristina, but, thankfully, so far the ladies recognize that Dean is the one choosing to do this. No one has pitted Danielle and Kristina against each other, and neither do the two of them seem to be fighting with each other rather than with Dean for being wishy-washy. Let's keep it that way.

Only time will tell if D. Lo finds more than just friendship in Paradise, but, hey, she's already got a great nickname. What else does a girl really need?