Why Is Melissa Hastings Wearing The Black Hoodie On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Spencer's Sister Could Still Be A.D.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Less than a half hour into the Pretty Little Liars finale, there are already plenty of questions popping up. Spoilers ahead for Pretty Little Liars series finale. Namely, why is Melissa wearing a black hoodie? As the Liars and a few of their significant others are sitting around eating dinner at a restaurant, the camera pans to Melissa, who's lurking around in the woods. Then a few scenes later, Aria's phone rings, and guess who's standing outside her window with a black hoodie and all? Melissa... or is it?

It turns out not that the black hoodie-wearing suspect may not be Melissa after all. A few moments later, Mona is seen taking off a face mask that looks just like Spencer's big sis. This adds so many questions — is Mona working for Melissa? Or is Mona A.D.? Honestly, these may all just be clues meant to throw fans off their tracks.

While it's too early to tell if this means Melissa is A.D., it could just be a red herring. Considering so much plot has yet to happen, seeing Melissa (or a Melissa lookalike) raises eyebrows, but it's unlikely I. Marlene King would drop the biggest reveal of the show so early on. Right? Then again, who knows when it comes to PLL.


Let's be real, theories that Melissa could be A.D. have been swirling ever since the show began. She and Spencer have an undeniable rivalry, and have proven they'll stop at nothing to come out on top. Yet that doesn't mean she would go to such extreme lengths to torture her sister, right? A.D. has treated Spencer and her pals terribly over the course of the show. That's not sisterly behavior, even for the Hastings.

As it turns out, it wasn't Melissa Hastings after all — A.D. was actually Spencer's evil twin, Alex Drake. But that doesn't mean that Melissa wasn't aware of the twin's existence all of this time or that Alex wasn't aware of Melissa, considering they both had relationships with Wren Kingston. We may never know if Melissa was involved in A.D.'s A-game, but we do know that she said she tried to protect Spencer from everything she knew way back when.