Kit Harington Is Somewhere Way, Way Better Than The 2017 Emmys

Stefania M. D'Alessandro/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes, life blesses you with great things, and sometimes, unfortunately, Kit Harington isn't at the 2017 Emmys. It's a toss up, you know? But for those wondering exactly where Harington is instead of the Emmys, it might be best to rewind to why he wouldn't necessarily be there in the first place. In what seemed like a shocking twist, the Game of Thrones actor wasn't nominated for an Emmy this year — and neither was the show that likely made you obsessed with him. But don't think he's at home sulking over it, and don't you sulk over it either. There's a good reason for the oversight.

You see, the eligibility period for the 2017 Emmys ran from June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017. Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered too late to be eligible, and the part of Game of Thrones Season 6 that aired during the period were counted for the 2016 Emmys, thanks to the "hanging episodes" rule. (The rule essentially states that, if part of a season airs outside of one eligibility period and part of it airs inside of it, then the whole season will be counted for that period to make it fair.) So, neither Game or Thrones nor Harington would be receiving an Emmys nod this year, fairly.

But that didn't mean that Harington couldn't still show up. Sadly (or not, given where he is and with whom), he might have had something just as important to do.

The day before the Emmy Awards aired, the official Dolce and Gabbana Twitter shared photographs of Harington hanging out in Naples filming a documentary-style film for The One for Men. (Harington became the ambassador for the brand this month.) The fact that D&G chose to share the pictures just Saturday might mean that Harington is still in or around Italy — which would explain why he didn't jet back in time for the Emmys when he didn't need to be there.

The whole Harington-is-still-in-Europe theory is supported by the fact that he was photographed with fans in Italy as recently as Friday, September 15.

Now, it's entirely possible that Harington could still hop a plane to make an appearance at the Emmys later and then fly back to Naples. It's not like he can't afford it. But why would he? He's not nominated for anything, the show isn't nominated for anything, and he's in Naples. No offense to the Emmy Awards, but the ceremony has got nothing on Italy, and, by all appearances, the actor seems to be having a good time there. (Again, no offense to the Emmy Awards, which is a different kind of good time.)

Besides which, he already lit up that stage in 2016, giving fans more than enough to subside on for a couple of years. He and Andy Samberg appeared together to present John Oliver with an award, and they spent their stage time spitting out as many one-liners as they could in order to make it into the Emmys highlight reel.

Perhaps the best part of the hilarious and cringe-worthy jokes was when Samberg said, "No, Kyle Chandler, I will not kiss you," and Harington responded, "Yes, Kyle Chandler, I will kiss you." Because let it never be said that Jon Snow can't recognize a good-looking man when he sees one. This year, the actor may rightfully know that he can't top that kind of performance, and thus deserves this time to film his documentary-style film in peace.

But if you need to re-watch Game of Thrones and mourn the lack of him on Sunday night, no one will judge you.

Editor's Note: This article originally reported that Kit Harington had an Instagram. It has been updated to reflect that he does not.