'Jersey Shore' Just Isn't The Same Without Ronnie

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Following all of the excitement surrounding Jersey Shore's new Burger King commercial, fans couldn't help but notice that the gang's eighth member was missing. Seriously, why isn't Ronnie Ortiz-Margo in the Jersey Shore reunion? The 31-year-old Bronx native was undeniably a huge part of the MTV franchise, and not seeing him scarf down (and fist pump with) those chicken parm sandwiches raised a ton of questions. Is there some unspoken tension keeping him from getting his GTL on with the rest of the squad?

Well, as it turns out, his absence had nothing to do with castmate drama, and everything to do with scheduling conflicts. Ortiz-Margo's rep told TooFab that the commercial "was shot on [the] East Coast, but he is in a holding position right now because he's filming on the West Coast."

You may recall that the Jersey Shore alum is currently starring in E!'s dating show Famously Single. While the show's commitment level is unknown, it's entirely possible press schedule and other obligations associated with it could be what's taking up Ortiz-Margo's time. However, if another chance came around for the Jersey Shore family to catch up on camera in the future, Ortiz-Margo would most definitely be down. His rep also told TooFab, "If there was an opportunity for a reunion he would be excited and would love to be with his fellow castmates."

Lucky for Ortiz-Margo, as well as Jersey Shore fans, that time could possibly come sooner rather than later. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the cast will film their onscreen reunion in the pilot episode of E!'s Reunion Road Trip docu-series. E!'s newest venture will allow fans to tag along as famous casts from both unscripted and scripted take a trip down memory lane. The project is currently in development, so if scheduling permits, there's a bit of hope that Ortiz-Margo could be getting down and dirty with his castmates in no time.

It's nice to know that the Jersey Shore crew didn't let fame or drama stop them from getting together. But hearing that the Burger King commercial is just one of many reunions coming up is easily the most exciting part.