This Iconic Wonder Woman Vehicle Is M.I.A. From The Movie

DC Entertainment

You have to promise not to laugh at this Wonder Woman question. No, it's not about the shocking revelation that men would take offense at an all-woman screening, or about the fact that D.C. took a "risk" hiring indie director Patty Jenkins to direct a blockbuster when studios have taken identical "risks" on directors like Colin Trevorrow, Rian Johnson, and the Russo brothers, among others. It's a genuine question about the actual movie, just kind of a silly one. So stay with me, and don't laugh — why isn't the invisible plane in Wonder Woman? I'm being totally serious. The iconic jet doesn't make an appearance in the 2017 film, and not just because you like, can't see it.

Personally, I don't think the jet was just parked during the film, literally out of sight. Diana likely hasn't received it yet. For one thing, the design of the jet is not exactly period appropriate — though it would be cool if she flew an invisible World War I bomber. Also, like so many superhero movies before it, Wonder Woman is an origin story. So while we see recognizable elements from the comics like the Bracelets of Submission and the Lasso of Truth in the film, not everything is introduced right off the bat.

In the comics, the invisible jet was a gift from the Lansinarians, an ancient race of cat-like beings. They actually gave Diana a disc that morphed into whatever she needed — but what she needed was pretty much always an invisible jet. It was subsequently replaced by a stealth plane that Batman made for his super friend.

I'm going to make an educated guess and predict that the latter is what fans will see in the DCEU. The film starts and ends in the present timeline that you remember from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. By that point, Diana is an established superhero. I'd keep my eye out for the invisible jet in the Justice League movie, if not the Wonder Woman sequel. "Ultimately, we have to have the invisible jet," Jenkins even assured fans in a recent interview with Yahoo Movies. "That's a big part of Wonder Woman."

So, since Diana didn't use it to fly in the movie, and it exists as a morphing disc or inside the mind of Bruce Wayne ('s employee Lucius Fox), I think it's safe to say that you don't see the invisible jet in Wonder Woman because it literally is not there. That's just another thing to look forward to when Wonder Woman returns in future films.