Why We Made Bustle's New Podcast, 'The Bustle Huddle'

by Caitlin Abber
Ashley Batz/Caroline Wurtzel

From #MeToo to Cardi B, we're living during a time when young women's voices are more influential than ever before. Their experiences and opinions inform everything from which Instagram trends go viral, to who will be elected the next president of the US. And yet? We just don't hear enough of them.

That’s why we created The Bustle Huddle, a new podcast by Bustle that dives into the celebrities, issues, stories, and personalities that make this generation — our generation — so powerful.

Because every young woman is different, we want every episode of The Bustle Huddle to be different, too. One week we’ll try to figure out why so many of us are interested in witchcraft, and another week we’ll sit down with a famous female comedian to discuss self care in the age of Donald Trump. Upcoming guests include the founders of The Women’s March, SNL veteran Ana Gasteyer, Dr. Sandra Lee (also known as Dr. Pimple Popper), and many, many more. Plus, we’re going to open up the conversation to the whole Bustle office, so you’ll be hearing from writers, editors, designers, stylists, videographers, and so many other talented women who make up our coven here at Bustle.

Speaking of talented women, from top to bottom, The Bustle Huddle is an all woman dream-team. Our producer, Anna Parsons, spent her early twenties living in Korea, Malaysia, and Germany, and after a brief stint in the tech scene transitioned into media, where she's been managing Bustle's podcasts for the past two years. Julia Shu, our producer, hails from NPR's Latino USA, and has produced everything from interviews with WWE champions and Sesame Street celebrities to stories about abortion access, housing scams, and voter suppression. Her work on NPR's Latino USA story about the San Antonio 4, four gay Latina women wrongfully accused and imprisoned in a child sex abuse case, won a third place National Headliner Award.

And I’m your host, Caitlin Abber, Bustle’s Senior Features Editor. For over a decade I’ve focused on telling stories that matter to young people. I’ve worked at MTV, Public Radio International, and Women’s Health, where I founded and hosted the podcast Uninterrupted. I spent the weirdest weekend of my life in Florida, watching the premiere of Beyonce’s “Lemonade” while preparing for a sit down interview with Ivanka Trump. But generally, I am a homebody who enjoys animals, kind people, and researching luxurious ways to get ready for bed. The thing that excites me most about The Bustle Huddle is its authenticity. Like my best friends, it’s funny, vulnerable, and smart, all at the same time. I hope you feel that way about it, too.

Our goal is that this podcast reflects not only the daily lives millennial women are experiencing in 2018, but also their hopes and dreams for the future. According to a 2017 study conducted by Bustle , 85 percent of our readers believe the world will be a better place for women 10 years from now. But our feeling is like...why wait?

Starting January 16, every Tuesday there will be a new episode of The Bustle Huddle that will center young women’s voices in the place they deserve to be: loud, clear, and on the mic.

Subscribe on iTunes, share with your friends, and please reach out — we want to know what you love about The Bustle Huddle, what you think we can do better, and how you feel about the stories we’ve covered. You can email us at

After all, every voice belongs in the huddle. See you there!