Whispers & Angelica Have A Shared Past On 'Sense8'

Murray Close/Netflix

While Season 1 of Sense8 dove into the lives and struggles of a cluster of eight sensates from all over the world, Season 2 seems to be focusing on the people who are hunting those sensates down. BPO was introduced early in the series as a mysterious organization with unclear motives, and their purpose hasn't become much clearer. (Spoiler warning for Sense8 Season 2.) The tentacles of the organization go deeper into their own origin story than the cluster ever expected. Angelica and Whispers were working together on Sense8, and there must be a reason why the cluster's "mother" was collaborating with their most dangerous enemy.

That unlikely partnership lights a fuse in a major way in Episode 4 of Season 2, when Whispers delivers a long speech about architecture as a threat to Will and tries to explain that he's not the evil mastermind that Will and the other sensates believe him to be. Whispers explains to Will that he's "trying to engineer a future with a species that is more violent, intolerant, and possessive than any species in this history of this planet," but he's not talking about people like Will. As Whispers explains it, "[Homo-]Sapiens live a world designed by their worst fears, and nothing terrifies them like difference." Despite the very evil undertones of his speech, the most convincing evidence that Whispers is maybe not such a bad guy is that he and Angelica actually used to work together before she "broke." But is that connection to his mother sensate enough to get Will to change his mind about Whispers?

Whispers seems to hope that telling Will this will make help his case, as if Will didn't also watch him murder the only member of the BPO who didn't seem to want to kill every living sensate, just two episodes prior. (That's Richard Wilson Chroome, FYI.) But Whispers explains that Angelica "saw our work as the key to the future for both our species. She believed in what we were doing as much as I did."

Of course, with Angelica and her lover Jonas both dead, there's no way to get to the absolute truth of the matter. Will only has Whispers' word to go on, and he's not even sure why Whispers is giving up this information. Perhaps both he and Angelica recognized that the Sensates were dangerous and Whispers wants Will to recognize this as well. Or maybe he's lying and just wants to make Will doubt the other sensates in his own cluster.

Murray Close/Netflix

Another possibility is that Whispers did exactly what he's doing to Will to Angelica. Whispers could have tricked Angelica into working with him, and her suicide may have been spurred by the realization that she was working with the bad guys. Whispers could be trying to get Will to join his side against his better interests and using the memory of Angelica against him.

The truth is a scarce resource in the world of Sense8, and the sooner that Will gets to the bottom of what really went on between Angelica and Whispers, the better chance he'll have of ending up on the right side of history.