'Santa Clarita Diet' May Be About Zombies, But This Couple Is Also Super Cute

by Nicole Pomarico
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Santa Clarita Diet Season 2. As much fun as it is watching Joel and Sheila Hammond attempt to live their lives as normally as possible despite the fact that one of them is a zombie on Santa Clarita Diet, it's just as fun seeing their daughter, Abby, cope with being a teenager and having an undead mom at the same time — especially when she's joined by her best friend Eric. But will Abby and Eric date on Santa Clarita Diet? After the way Season 2 ended, it seems like it really could happen.

In Season 1, there was definitely the feeling that something could happen between them, but it was hard to tell if that's the direction the show was going to go. Now, it's obvious that there are romantic feelings there, but will they actually end up together? In Season 2, fans got to see how each of them reacted when the other started dating someone, and let's just say there was a ton of jealousy involved.

Thanks to their jealous moments, much of Season 2 seemed to be building up to Abby and Eric getting together, fortunately, all of the anticipation paid off. They finally kissed for the first time, but it's hard to tell if this will change things for them permanently or if they'll both explain it away next season.

It's easy to see why fans would be rooting for them, though. After all, Eric is the only person who knows that Abby's mom is undead, and he's been actively involved in keeping Sheila's condition from getting any worse. Like Abby said, it's hard for her to get close to anyone else because there's so much about her daily life that she can't tell them. It's hard enough being a teenager, but it has to be even harder when your parents are killing people and, you know, keeping talking severed heads in your basement. How could she possibly date anyone else if she can't even bring any of that up?

Now that the Hammonds don't have to move — and are presumably safe, being that Ann thinks that Sheila may or may not be directly sent from God to do his work on earth — there's so much potential for something to develop for these two. Since they're finally over that weird dance they kept doing where they both kept acting like they didn't like each other when it was so obvious that they did, they can be honest. Besides, how cute was it when Lisa was dressing Abby up for her date? Yeah, she's a bit obnoxious, but Abby and Eric dating could lead to more scenes like that one.

And judging by the friendship that Eric and Abby have, they should be able to overcome it if things don't work out — at least, hopefully they will, because their bond is so much fun to watch on the show. Anyone who's ever been a teenager can probably relate to how fragile relationships can be at that age, especially ones that are between two people who have had feelings for each other. But with Abby and Eric, it seems to go deeper than that... maybe because he's actually helping her family survive a life or death situation? That probably changes things a bit.

Seeing Abby develop as a character and really come into her own is one of the best parts of Season 2, and now, adding Eric into the mix as her love interest gives her story even more potential for future seasons. Everyone who watches the show can probably agree that more of these two sharing a screen is a must in Season 3.