Ali Wong & Randall Park Just Commented On A Possible ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Sequel

Ed Araquel / Netflix

Now that their hit Netflix romantic-comedy has been released, the only thing fans want to know from Ali Wong and Randall Park is whether or not there will be an Always Be My Maybe sequel. Now Wong and Park, the writers and stars behind the Netflix rom-com, which reminds us why we don't deserve Keanu Reeves, have an answer for fans. It just might not be the one they wanted to hear. Basically, right now, Wong and Park have other plans for Always Be My Maybe, specifically, they'd like to schedule a date with Oscar.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the longtime friends talked about the overwhelming success of the film directed by Nahnatchka Khan and how it's got people asking for more. "I don't think we started letting ourselves think about it yet because we've really wanted to digest and celebrate how the film is being received," Wong said when asked about the possibility of a follow up. "For me at least, I think I'd like to sit in that a little bit longer before even thinking about getting back to work on something else."

Park agreed that right now, it just felt too early to be thinking about an Always Be My Maybe 2, but he sounded optimistic that the likelihood of another movie was more than maybe. "The entire journey for this film, from writing it with Ali at the beginning to doing these interviews now, it's been so fun and magical for us," he said. "We just want to bask in that for a little while before we talk about whatever's next."

If anyone deserves to bask in the their glory, it's Wong and Park, who have actually spent a lot of time thanking the fans for their support of the movie, which might not have gotten made without them. Wong casually mentioned that she wanted to make a rom-com with Park in a 2016 New Yorker profile. In the May 2019 issue of Vanity Fair, Wong said she and Park started getting requests for the rom-com soon after thanks to the Internet's response to that profile, without even having written a script. “We started getting all these calls from people like ‘We want to make the movie,’” she told Vanity Fair. “And we were like, ‘We haven’t even written it yet.’”

What they ended up writing was a rom-com that quietly revolutionizes Asian-American representation, not just through its characters, but in other ways throughout the movie. In fact, Marcus' band name, Hello Peril was a clever play on "Yellow Peril," the the 19th century term for anti-Asian fear in the West.

The songs in Always Be My Maybe, which Park wrote with producer Dan The Automator and are available on Spotify, are one of the most memorable parts of the movie. It's why the Internet is trying to get the track "I Punched Keanu Reeves" nominated for an Oscar, something Park and Wong find very funny. "It's wild to me," Park told Entertainment Tonight. "That would be surreal to perform that on that stage."

So for now, there's no Always Be My Maybe sequel in the works, but maybe there will be an Oscar performance in their future. While fans wait, they can think about what other Hollywood heartthrob Marcus could punch and then write a song about in a possible follow-up film.