Fans Want Ariana Grande To Tour The UK With This MAJOR Change Up & Heck Yes

The UK just woke up to a new Ariana Grande album — which the Grande Dame herself dropped way earlier expected. It followed a slew of singles, including the album's title track, which now feels even more at home within Grande's trap influenced fifth album. It follows 2018's Sweetener, which she's still yet to tour in the UK (save for a couple of intimate, one off shows in London) so here's hoping she'll showcase her new material soon. She's dropped a surprise album, so how about some surprise shows? Will Ariana Grande tour the UK with thank u, next?

You won't be able to scroll through your Instagram without seeing that phrase "thank u, next" anymore. It's the sassy hashtag posted under almost every "going out" pic, and it's been used so much that it's almost lost meaning. That's right, Ari. The UK loves you and your way with words, which is why you'd probably have some of your best shows here if you decide to tour thank u, next.

While she's not made an announcement yet — I mean she has only just dropped the album — I've got in contact with one of her reps to see whether that's likely to happen soon. Watch this space.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's also the question that's been on loads of her fans' lips on Twitter. One tweeted his own idea for the tour: "This album is stadium tour level, UK. Don’t want to see any more Ariana Grande at the O2. Don’t be disrespectful like that plz," and I couldn't agree more. At this point — is there anything bigger than a stadium? — 'cause Grande should be playing whatever that is.

Grande announced her world tour in support of her 2018 album Sweetener on Oct. 25, 2018, as Bustle reported, but like her fan pointed out — her shows in the UK mostly take place at arenas — which is probably why it sold out in mere minutes, as the Daily Star reported on Dec. 21, 2018. Grande's still looking skyward, and I reckon even a stadium tour would now also sell out in minutes. So, c'mon UK stadiums, get booking.

As Ticketmaster wrote on Dec. 21, Grande did add some more UK tour dates, in account of tickets selling out so fast, so by my guess, she may have maxed out her return to the UK already. She'll be taking Sweetener to London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Sheffield across August and September, so if she does happen to tour thank u, next, then it's most likely to take place around Christmastime. But in my opinion? One tour after another? That's way too much work, even for Grande.

Either way, she's bound to bring plenty of songs from thank u, next along to her Sweetener tour. Even if she doesn't have an entire tour dedicated to her fifth album, then I'm hoping there'll still at least be merch dedicated to it. Just imagine all the cash she'd make off thank u, next t-shirts. Everyone here in the UK appreciates your work ethic, Aria, but now I say: thank you, stop (and have a rest).