The Best 'Thank U, Next' Memes & Tweets, Since Ariana Grande's Fans Are Already Obsessed

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's a reason Ariana Grande has 60+ million followers on Twitter — she's an internet queen. She's constantly clapping back at trolls, setting the record straight, and standing up for herself. So did you really expect fans on social media not to have her back when she dropped a new album? Of course, Arianators brought their A game with all these memes and tweets about Thank U, Next.

Grande's fifth studio album was released Friday, Feb. 8 at midnight — less than six months after she released Sweetener last summer. Because really, is there nothing she can't do? The singer is constantly keeping her fans entertained. Not just by dropping new songs left and right, but also giving them plenty of material to meme the heck out of. And knowing how much Grande interacts with her fans online, you can pretty much guarantee she'll be reposting the funniest ones in no time.

Despite any hard times she's gone through — and as fans can attest, there have been far too many — Grande has kept her head up and her sense of humor on-point. So it's likely she'd get a chuckle out of the memes just as much as her fans do. So, here are some of the best Thank U, Next memes that the internet had to offer. You're welcome.

People Got A Bit Impatient

I mean, they had good reason to be.

"Needy" Gave Fans What They Needed

Fans were emotional, OK?

Already Got It On Repeat

Have you ever seen a more iconic deer? Definitely not.

"Bloodline" Is A Bop

Chris Pratt's dance moves speak for themselves.

The Good Place Got It Right

Oops! Sorry, neighbors.

"NASA" Was Out Of This World

Even Elmo was into it, clearly.

The Ultimate Stans

A classic meme, but fitting for this occasion.

For Some Fans, It Was A Religious Experience

Props to this fan for incorporating in a few past albums too.

"Ghostin" Made Fans Emotional

It was a tear-jerker, to say the least.

Some Lyrics Had Fans Screaming

The song title, "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" kinda speaks for itself.

Is It An Upgrade?

OK, both albums are undeniably great. But this meme is basically the cartoon version of that old "freshman year vs. senior year" meme — tied to Ari's albums.

The Fans Are Here For It

After listening to all of Thank U, Next, fans reacted with total awe... through their memes, of course.

Seriously, There Were So. Many. Tears.

Yeah, "Ghostin" pretty much emotionally destroyed all of the fans. There's enough teary photos to prove it.

No Complaints

This Christina Aguilera GIF sums up exactly how many tracks fans are going to skip. (Spoiler alert: The answer is zero.)

Not only did Grande gift fans with a new album, but she pretty much gave them all the material they needed to make jokes for a solid few weeks. There's already way too many good ones to scroll through, but please keep 'em coming.