Blake Lively Might Be At The Golden Globes

by Nicole Pomarico
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There have been a lot of surprising celebrity breakups over the past year, but I'm happy to say that somehow, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds survived the disaster that was 2016 with their marriage in tact. They're just as adorable as they've always been, and now that award show season is coming up, I'm excited to see them being the cutest couple ever on the red carpet. And since the first show of the year is coming up, I'm definitely wondering if they'll be making an appearance together. Will Blake Lively be at the Golden Globes? Nothing official has been announced so far, but it wouldn't be surprising at all if she showed up to support her husband.

Although Lively herself isn't nominated this year, Reynolds is. Deadpool scored a nod for Best Motion Picture in the musical or drama category, and even though the movie is up against some tough competition (like La La Land), there's a chance Reynolds could go home with the award — ideally while wearing his Deadpool suit during his acceptance speech. Reynolds was super jazzed about the nom and he even says he owes Lively some credit for the movie's success, so he'd better not go without her!


While talking to Entertainment Tonight Canada last month, Reynolds admitted that Lively played a big role in his preparation to take on Deadpool. After receiving the nomination, he said:

"I think tonight, we’re gonna go out for a nice dinner. I think we’re going to have date night, just she and I. I owe her that too because… I would characterize her as an invisible partner in this whole thing. She was so helpful with Deadpool and I bounced so many ideas off of her, and I worked with her with so many of the little nuances on the character. She’s been a de facto coach for me in so many ways. I owe her a big one and I think tonight she’s gonna cash in."

How could he not bring her along to the Globes after that?! Even without knowing she had a hand in Reynolds getting into character, it seems pretty likely that she will be there. This couple is one who always supports each other during their important life moments, like when Lively and their kids were in attendance the day that Reynolds finally scored a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. I don't expect to see James and Ines in the audience, but Lively should be there.

We won't know for sure until the Golden Globes air on Sunday night, of course, but my fingers are crossed. This world needs more Reynolds and Lively for sure!