Why 'Outlander' Fans Should Still Hold Out Hope For Brianna & Roger's Future


Spoilers ahead for Outlander Season 4, Episode 3. Brianna and her romantic interest Roger haven't been getting a ton of screentime recently on Outlander, but that changes in "The False Bride." However, all's not well with their relationship, so will Brianna and Roger get back together on Outlander? This long-distance pair travels to a Scottish festival in North Carolina together and are enjoying their time close to one another. But after Roger proposes marriage, they seemingly break up. For fans of this couple, their fight is bound to be disappointing (especially due to how Roger lashes out). But actors Sophie Skelton and Roger Rankin promise there's hope for this couple yet.

Since her mother time-traveled back to her beloved husband (and Brianna's biological father) Jamie, Brianna has been attending MIT. Meanwhile, Roger sells his home to Fiona Graham and her husband. Fiona, who previously had a crush on Roger, encourages Roger to confess his love to Brianna. That may explain why Roger decides to propose to Brianna right before they are about to get intimate for the first time after splitting a bottle of whiskey at the Scottish festival. And while Brianna also loves Roger, she understandably rejects his sudden proposal.


Roger is hurt and it exposes an ugly side to his personality. Although he has had sex with women before, he shames Brianna for wanting to have sex with him while not committing to marriage. Roger is completely wrong in this moment and Brianna stands up for herself, but it doesn't change his sexist and misogynistic behavior.

Later at the festival, Brianna again is the bigger person, since she approaches him and says, "I really hate the way we left things." But he still doesn't respect that Brianna isn't ready for marriage and needs to move at a pace that she's comfortable with. He gives her an ultimatum, telling her, "Brianna, I love you all or not at all." So she tries to return the bracelet he had given her and leaves the festival while he's busy representing clan MacKenzie.


Despite Roger's display of textbook toxic masculinity, you still might be rooting for this couple. After all, he does genuinely care for Brianna and is the only person who knows the complicated truth about her family. And at New York Comic Con, Brianna actor Skelton and Roger actor Rankin spoke to Bustle about how it's not over for their characters. Skelton says that Brianna "absolutely" loves Roger as much as he loves her, but that "Roger's just more willing to commit than Bree is."

Skelton notes how one of the reasons Brianna is more hesitant is because Roger acts as a reminder of the fact that her mother time-traveled to the past. "[Brianna] just needs this fresh start and unfortunately, Roger being a part of it, makes her push him away. And I also think there's a part of Bree that tests him a little bit. She really wants to make sure she finds someone who she can trust forever," Skelton says. "She thought that her parents — not that they had a particularly happy marriage — but they were fine, they muddled through, but then she realized all this time her mother was in love with someone else. Inadvertently, I think she's testing how much Roger is gonna be there for her, and how much she can trust that this relationship's solid."


Skelton says that Roger "finds strength in them being together" and Rankin expresses a similar sentiment. "Since his dad died, I think what [Roger is] looking for is a foundation and an anchor and life. That's why he's searching for that commitment," Rankin says. "I think each of them know that that's not the end." Skelton adds, "Objectively you can see that it's not the end for them because you can see how much they love each other. They're just not very good at saying it to each other."

People who read the Outlander books know that Brianna and Roger's relationship continues to be complicated. And TV fans could gather as much since the Season 4 trailer hinted that Brianna might be traveling back in time, too. But no matter where those mystical stones lead Brianna, it seems like Roger will to be a major part of her life. This 20th century man just better get a bit more enlightened along the way to show that he's worthy of Brianna's love.

Additional reporting by Dana Getz.