Every Single Fight Camille Started On The 'RHOBH' Season 9 Finale

by Marenah Dobin

The first half of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 was all about Lisa Vanderpump. Once she stopped filming, Camille Grammer was the main topic of conversation. Yes, other things happened, but drama consistently revolved around Camille. Does this mean that Camille will replace Lisa Vanderpump on RHOBH? Of course, a decision about Camille's role on the show next season has not been made since this season is still airing, but if you think about it, Camille has already slipped into LVP's designer shoes.

Lisa was not on good terms with the rest of the cast when she left the show. And that's exactly where Camille ended up during the Season 9 finale episode. She got into it with every single cast member, except for Erika, who was too busy looking good in a pink wig to be bothered with petty drama.

If it wasn't for Camille, the finale would have been a total snooze fest full of self promotion and too much time spent on wig selection. The ladies seemed miffed that Camille walked into Kyle Richards' party with guns blazing, but were they really? After all, she did give them what every Real Housewife craves: a juicy storyline.

Here's how Camille brought it in the finale.

Camille & Kyle Richards

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

When Kyle greeted Camille, she asked, "Are you OK after the other night?" Without any hesitation, Camille told her, "No, I wasn't. The other night was a sh*t show. I felt so ganged up on."

Of course, Camille was talking about the dinner when she questioned the source of Dorit Kemsley's money and said Dorit's husband PK owed one of her friends a million dollars. Such awkward timing considering they were at a dinner in Dorit's honor. However, it was Lisa Rinna who pushed this conversation forward after a whole season of Camille talking smack about the other ladies.

Kyle promised Camille, "That never was the intention. I promise you on my life." In her confessional interview, Camille declared, "I never think it's a good idea to gang up on one person. I don't think it's right. It feels like sh*t." Lisa Vanderpump shared very similar sentiments earlier this season. Just saying.

Camille & Lisa Rinna


Rinna asked Camille, "Can we have a chat with you?" Camille adamantly told her "No!" She also said "After a gang attack the other night, I think I'll wait a little while." However, they did end up talking, of course. Camille accused the group of coming after her when she was "most vulnerable." LVP said she had the same problem this season.

She even told Rinna, "We'll figure out who the mean girl really is. It seems like it's you." Ouch. In her confessional, Rinna compared Camille and Vanderpump. She said,

"I feel great sympathy for what both of these women have gone through, but the truth is that these behaviors existed in this group long before either of these women had loss."

Camille & Denise Richards


Denise Richards confronted Camille in the bathroom, demanding, "Let's go talk it out and f*cking fix it." Later in the episode, Camille told Denise to back off when she defended Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, but Denise told her, "No, you f*cking back off."

Camille & Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave


Camille did not mince words in her conversation with Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. She declared, "Teddi, you have been so annoying to me. I'm sorry." Is she though?

She confronted Teddi about snubbing her daughter Mason in the airport, but Teddi denied it. And Camille did not let it go. At all.

Camille & Dorit Kemsley


Even though Camille laying into Dorit started this whole mess, Dorit was the only one she actually said something nice to her at the party. After throwing lot of shade, Camille told Dorit, "I'm so sorry. I said something really awful about you and I feel terrible about it. I'm sorry."

Obviously, that tension is not-at-all done. Just wait for the reunion.

During the finale episode, Camille told Lisa Vanderpump, "As soon as you left, the target was right here." Lisa passed down the proverbial crown when she responded with, "That's why you should be wearing the crown and you should have a target on your back."

While it's debatable if the ladies put a target on Camille's back or if Camille put herself in this position, she is definitely picking up where Lisa left off. Only time will tell.