Clare & Benoit Could Have A TV Wedding After 'Bachelor Winter Games'

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

Well, who would have thought that a show like The Bachelor Winter Games would warm my cold heart? Just when viewers were convinced that any word of an engagement on this spinoff was dead (Dean and Lesley are just swapping house keys, not getting hitched yet), Clare and Benoit come in and give us all the happy ending we craved — nay, we needed. With that sparkly ring of course comes the myriad questions, including — will Clare and Benoit have a TV wedding after Bachelor Winter Games?

Seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette can divide viewers — just go on Twitter any Monday night and see the amount of people complaining about Arie (including me) — but a Bachelor wedding? Oh, everyone loves a Bachelor wedding. From Trista and Ryan to Jade and Tanner, Bachelor-made couples are smart to spend ABC's money to give them the wedding that they've always dreamt of. Will it be at a Scottish castle? Maybe on the beach in Mexico, with a salty breeze blowing through the bride's hair (these are heteronormative because the show is, so please forgive me)? Or, should Clare and Benoit opt in, a December ceremony surrounded by glistening white snow and red rose?

Paul Hebert/ABC

Their engagement was... the sweetest thing ever. Benoit explained that after they both left the show, he couldn't stop thinking about Clare. "I cared about her like you have no idea," he said. They spent hours and hours on FaceTime, and that morphed into something bigger. Of their relationship, Clare said:

"I've always wanted a man who wouldn't give up on me. You truly have changed my life because I didn't believe in myself. There are so many times I've wanted to throw in the towel, say, "Am I crazy for holding out for something that's amazing?" He's always had my back. He puts up with my crazy. I just love you, and I mean it."

Because all of the viewers were already crying, Benoit decided to double down and ask Clare to marry her.

"The first time I met you, I didn't believe in love at first sight. I was shocked. You're the strongest woman I've ever met, and I know you've been through a lot... We'll be a lot stronger together. You never give up on love, and this is best thing about you. I would never, ever give up on you. I feel like there is someone up there watching us, and he'd agree with what I'm about to do."

There's dust in here or something, right? Everyone is crying, and it's all so marvelous.

Who would have thought that Clare and Benoit would have gone down this path to begin with? They liked each other at the beginning of The Bachelor Winter Games, but Benoit went home when Clare told him that she wasn't sure she could match his feelings. Poor Benoit! But the two started hanging out again after the show, and a love match formed. How sweet! That all said, it's a distinct possibility that Clare and Benoit will indeed get married on television should a marriage actually happen. Clare is basically the Nick Viall of female Bachelor Nation contestants. I like Clare, and I hate making that comparison, but it's true — Clare has been on The Bachelor, two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise, and The Bachelor Winter Games, all to be on television and find love. You bet your bottom Bachelor mansion that since she finally found the one, and she did it on television, she's probably going to get married on television. Not that Benoit would disagree, I don't think — this is his second reality show, the first being the inaugural season of The Bachelorette: Canada, so he's ready for the TV fame (and love), too.

Whatever Clare and Benoit decide, it's a beautiful thing that they've decided to get married. We need more — not less — love in this big, messed-up world of ours, and if these two kids found it on The Bachelor Winter Games in the midst of listening to Ashley cry and watching Yuki make scrambled eggs with sugar and ketchup on them, who are we to judge? I'll be tuning in, that's for sure.