Why Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians In Cars' Needs Another Season (Or 12)

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When it comes to having a good conversation with Jerry Seinfeld, all he requires is a good cup of coffee and a vintage car. He returns for another season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on July 19, but the fate of his web series is unknown after that. It's possible that Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee might not return for a Season 12 after this latest season. Then again, there are always more comedians to talk to so the lack of news about fresh episodes might just be because they're still in negotiations.

When Seinfeld made a deal in 2017 to move over his web series from Crackle to Netflix, Deadline reported there would be 24 new episodes. Season 10 in 2018 had 12 episodes with guests like Kate McKinnon and John Mulaney, and Season 11 on July 19 will mark the final 12 of that initial deal.

Considering the many iterations of the highly-caffeinated but relatively low-key show since it premiered in 2012, there's definitely a chance that Seinfeld keeps it going. And let's hope so — this season's cast only features two women comics, which is about average when you consider the guests of pasts seasons. There are more than enough funny and whip smart women on the scene for Seinfeld to grab a cup of coffee with and talk shop. Hopefully the next bookings producer sets out to find some for him. Another couple seasons would mean even more chances for him to branch out and meet fresh faces.

But that doesn't mean that the Season 11 guests are anything but hilarious and enlightening, as per usual. Here's who Seinfeld's hanging out with this time around.

Eddie Murphy


Eddie Murphy has never been featured on Seinfeld's show before. In his Season 11 announcement on Instagram, Seinfeld revealed his excitement about having the iconic comedian join him when he wrote in the caption, "And yes, doing the show with Eddie was really special."

Seth Rogen


Seth Rogen has jokingly claimed to hate Jerry Seinfeld years before his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee appearance. As he explained on The Tonight Show, when Rogen was 14 years old, he had to follow Seinfeld during a comedy showcase. "I hate you, Jerry Seinfeld," he said to Fallon. But guess The Lion King star and Seinfeld will finally make amends.

Ricky Gervais


Ricky Gervais was Seinfeld's second guest ever (after Larry David, of course) on the first season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee back in 2012.

Matthew Broderick


Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick played bee besties back in the day in 2007's Bee Movie.

Jamie Foxx


Jamie Foxx talks about his career and treats Jerry to his killer Dave Chappelle impersonation, among others during their breakfast date.

Sebastian Maniscalco


This year's host of the MTV VMAs, Sebastian Maniscalco, rode in a Chevrolet Camaro with Seinfeld for Season 7. But they trade the car in for mopeds this time around.

Martin Short


Seinfeld has popped up on a couple of Short's shows, like when Short interviewed him for Primetime Glick and when Seinfeld spoofed Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Short's variety show with Maya Rudolph, Maya & Marty. Now it's Seinfeld's time to be in control.

Mario Joyner


Mario Joyner joined Colin Quinn for an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee for the first season. He also appeared in a couple of the "Single Shot" mini-episodes of the talk show. But now the comedian, who popped up twice on Seinfeld, gets some extended one-on-one time with Seinfeld.

Melissa Villaseñor


Although this is no Carpool Karaoke, here's hoping that Melissa Villaseñor of Saturday Night Live gifts Seinfeld with her Lady Gaga "Shallow" impression.

Bridget Everett


Seinfeld only features two women this season. And Bridget Everett of Inside Amy Schumer, Lady Dynamite, and Camping is sure to be a vital reminder of why female comedians' voices should be a larger part of these conversations.

Barry Marder


Seinfeld is bringing back a lot of his Season 1 guests and Barry Marder — of the character Ted L. Nancy and the co-writer of Bee Movie along with Seinfeld — is no exception. Let's see if cannibalism is a big topic of discussion again.

With Seinfeld in the driver's seat, there seems to be no reason why he wouldn't continue Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

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